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Dalia's Tourmaline

This tourmaline is far too colorful for this world. It must surely have come from somewhere else during the collapse.
— Gregory Stonestep, Mineralist


  This rare multi-colored gemstone is perhaps the most dangerous variety of its kind. It was discovered by Princess Dalia Skyfire during her historic establish of a route through the Dehur Kjol- a feat that unified North and South Avistar. Dalia's Tourmaline is imbued with curious magical traits reflective of its broad and very noticeable color spectrum. The stone is distinguished visually from other varieties of tourmaline for its sheer vividness. Some believe Dalia's Tourmaline is too vividly colorful to have been made in this plane of existence. Dalia took her newly discovered tourmaline and, after determining that it had magical properties, fashioned it into her sword.  


Magical Traits

  This tourmaline has various traits, but the user may have very little control over theme. It is as if the stone is the emissary of wild magic, which makes it one of the most dangerous stones one could have in their possession. It can summon at random fire, ice, wind, lightning, and other magical effects. Dalia's sword was said to have summoned bubbles during a confrontation. These effects are not exceptionally powerful, though they will certainly enhance the lethality of any weapon it is fashioned to. This tourmaline could also be used to set a magic trap, though this requires a high degree of skill else the attempt backfires.  


Increasing Value

  Because of its rarity and dangerous magical traits, it can fetch a high price anywhere. The Shadow Market has made efforts to control the supply of the stones. Theft of Dalia's Tourmaline is an increasingly common occurrence, so the remaining legal owners have taken special precautions to protect it. However, the efforts of the Shadow Market have only increased as tensions rise between the Queendom of Lunaria and the Kingdom of Helia. The former would find the tourmaline particularly useful to enhance their magical prowess.  

Faint hint of strawberries.
Common State

Note(s) from the Archivists:

    What would happen if Dalia's Tourmaline was fashioned to a book? - Archivist Edward   I would not risk opening the book. - Archivist Theta

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