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Polar Spatial Storms

Spatial storms are anomalies in the space around the poles of Čavijet that are capable of transporting people and objects around and between the poles. These storms are the reason behind the Veljudi population being present on both poles as well as their shared ecosystems.   These storms are incredibly dangerous, with only a small percentage of people living to tell the tale. If you are not dismembered and scattered around, you are dropped from a deadly height or simply disappear. Even those with transmission stones sending out their location are lost, the connection unlocatable. Those who do survive do not make it out unharmed. Most are missing a limb or two or have lasting mental damage.


By the time the spatial storms are noticeable to the naked eye, it is already too late. These storms are believed to be formed due to high levels of magic radiation in the poles, though the reason for these high levels is yet unknown. As they form, the only way they can be detected is by a magic stone programmed specifically for that purpose. These stones are a necessity in the area and some places offer them free to travelers.
Early detection of abnormal radiation levels usually allows someone enough time to safely leave the area. However, when the surrounding area becomes blurry or wavy to the eyes, it is only by sheer luck that someone can remain unaffected while in the area. Severe storms form noticeable rips in the space and some survivors have reported being able to see another location through them.


The cause of spatial storms is unknown, however, they occur almost exclusively in the polar regions in Sjeurra and Nilurra. With no detection system in place to alert areas of spatial irregularities forming in the past, these storms have transported many creatures and objects between the two polar caps, causing them to share similar ecosystems despite being on the opposite side of the world.

Early Warnings

With advancements in magic stone technology, levels of magic radiation can be recoded remotely and reported back to data analysts. Detection centers in Nilurra and Sjeurra observe the magic levels in the area constantly and communicate irregularities. If there are abnormally high levels of magic radiation the surrounding areas will be evacuated.   Though permanent buildings and cities cannot be evacuated and are still scattered by the storms, the number of people missing, dead, or injured due to the incidents has greatly decreased due to the early warning system. Although it is not able to catch every single storm as many appear and disappear quickly, citizens of the polar regions recognize the influence of the system and greatly appreciate its presence.
Surviving a spatial storm is something to brag about, but don't go looking for them. I was lucky enough to make it out with only a missing leg and maimed arm. Most others, they don't make it out alive.
— A spatial storm survivor.
You know, people always talk about the novelty of the situation, but nobody brings up the pain and nausea that you have to get through. They ask me what it was like but I can't give them an answer. There's not much you can focus on when you're in that much pain.
— A spatial storm survivor.

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