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Summer Camp 2023

unsure of why but the modifciation adding themes 3 and 4 did not save, hopefully this time it'll go through ^^"

  There are currently three main conflicts for power.
  In the Hilayan League, there are talks of two member states- Zanis and Yaran- breaking offf from the confederacy. This is a response of the League not taking enough action to fight off the Bazhenuy and Azoq tribes, which have been raiding their borders.
  Another is the seemingly unending expansion of the Tarian Empire. Although it continues to spread its territory westward, it has encountered opposition from an alliance of Lareic chiefdoms to the northeast.
  Finally, there are the Khaderians, who have fallen into a three-way civil war. Firstly, there's the Heukhins, a religious alliance of several kingdoms; then there's their opposition, the Darsians; lastly, there's a mounting revolt in the conquered territories of Gheris and Ukhisan.
  Where are the frontiers in your worldsetting? And why would anyone want to go there?! What about metaphorical frontiers, like the “frontier of medicine” or space, the “final frontier”?
  The main division of Uparzh and Khadero-Amarasic civilizations can be traced back to the Nayezahes. This mountain range can be divided into tow sections: the northern massive, spanning across Yaran'rei and
    • Balta Styre- Sword of Ebrun, the burning blade
    • Ri-Mayihatha- the holy staff
  • Hualuya- Pathfinder, the bow of the lost


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9 Jun, 2023 19:37

Gold is a brilliant goal to work towards! You've got this :D Are you hoping for any particular prompt topics to be revealed?

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
2 Jul, 2023 09:04

Ah-- I did not see this message earlier, my bad! The power prompts this week give me a lot to work with, and I'm looking forward to both the relics and communication ones! Thank you for reaching out :)