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Divine Domains

God of Law

Holy Books & Codes

The First (Holy) Tome

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Myasis' symbol is two rolled scrolls crossed in the center with 'Law' written on the left and 'Justice' written on the right on a pink background.

Tenets of Faith

Much like all the gods, Myasis follows the three major tenets from the First Tome, along with several others:  

  1. You shall not betray your god
  2. You shall be committed to god and what you hold important
  3. You shall not stray from the true path
  4. You shall be content when life is good
  5. You shall not murder
  6. You shall not condemn people for the way they were born, for they too are the gods' creations
  7. You shall uphold order and peace in god's world
  8. You shall not conceal or destroy evidence of a crime
  9. You shall ask the gods forgiveness for your sins

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Myasis, who upholds the laws and balances in both the god's world and the human world, seeks to find true balance between law and justic. Myasis does pass judgement on those that he deems to have broken the laws, or the three main commandments of the First Tome. His ultimate goal is for the universe to be fair and follow all laws set forth by god and man.

Divine Classification

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