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Allura Pungness

Allura Pungness

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Allura has a beautiful tattoo of flowers wrapping from her mid-forearm all the way up to her shoulder. She also has a small scar going through her right eyebrow

Physical quirks

Allura is right handed. She walks a little bow-legged, as if she spent most of her time on a horse.

Apparel & Accessories

Allura wears a long-sleeved, red crop top that looks like it had been longer at some point. The shirt is distressed and torn in places, as if she's been wearing it for a while. She also wears khaki pants with a few pockets on the legs, and a piece of metal armor around the small of her back. Allura also wears worn leather boots.

Specialized Equipment

Not only does Allura carry a crescent staff, she also carries a throwing ax and a dagger. She also has a very well-stocked backpack full of things that she needs while she's traveling.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Allura Pungness was born on the east side of the Empire to a family of gnomes in Belnin. There was nothing too special about growing up in Belnin. It was mostly a gnome and halfling settlement, and because of that none of the gnomish families were particularly influential to the town. They mostly worked in tinker shops or the mines, making better machinery for the Empire's military. The Pungness family in particular were tinkerers, who made machinery. The family was known for their machinery and toys that they sold at their shop.   While Allura was growing up she was told that she would eventually take up the mantle of handling the shop. She spent days in the back of the shop with her father, learning how to put different pieces of machinery together, and even coming up with a few toys to keep herself entertained. When she was old enough she would work the front of the shop with her mother, learning the art of making a good sale.   Allura found everything that she wanted from her life in Belnin. She had a stable job at her family's shop, and she didn't have any real desire to leave from her hometown until she met a young halfling by the name of Jakkob. Jakkob was a young man who lived in Belnin for only a few years with his cousin's family. When the two met, Jakkob immediately proposed to Allura, promising to take her on adventures all the way from Ebron to Xolta. Allura, while not really interested in traveling, was interested in the fact that Jakkob was so eager to get her to join him on his quest. Only three weeks after first meeting Jakkob, Allura agreed to be married to him.   About two months after their wedding, Jakkob insisted that he take Allura on a trip outside of Belnin. Their first trip only lasted a few days, but it was enough for Allura to realize that she really was missing out on things by just living in Belnin. Soon, Allura and Jakkob were setting off on adventures all over the Empire. They still called Belnin their hometown, but they were hardly ever there. It was about five or six years into their marriage when Allura's parents started to ask her to settle into Belnin permanently in order to start a family.   Jakkob and Allura spoke about settling down, but neither one of them were ready yet. They wanted one more 'big' adventure before settling down completely. They had decided that they wanted to travel to the furthest point south in Ebron and travel to the furthest point north in Xolta, then possibly walk the entire Empire. After that, they would settle down and start their family. However, Jakkob and Allura weren't able to finish their plans, as there was a terrible accident involving the two.   While the two were making their way through the mountain ranges high in the north of the Empire, the cart that they had been taking slipped off the path and went tumbling down an embankment. Of the six people on the cart, two of them died, one unfortunately being Jakkob. Allura was also hurt in the accident, suffering from a broken leg and several broken ribs. Allura was sent back to Belnin, where she spent several months recovering from her injuries.   After she had recovered from her injuries, Allura moved back in with her parents, deciding to sell the home that she and Jakkob occupied. She fell into a deep depression, having no clue what to do now that her beloved husband had passed on. Finally, about a year after living with her family, she decided that she was going to make the journey around the Empire and Xolta that her and Jakkob had originally planned. Starting out from Belnin, Allura traveled to Ebron first. While in Ebron she got the tattoo on her arm to remember her departed husband.   For the next several years, Allura traveled around the Empire, Ebron and Xolta, finally when Allura was about four years out from losing Jakkob, she stopped in Hilgari to rest before moving on. While in Hilgari, Allura met the young boy named Trendall Allfallen. There was something about this boy that kept Allura interested in him. He was charming and desperate for adventure, and honestly, just really good looking as well. She fell in love with Trendall, but because she was still hurt over the loss of her husband a few years prior, Allura decided that she needed to continue on with her journey and try to forget the boy.   Before leaving for Xolta, Allura did sleep with Trendall. This actually ended in a pregnancy that she wasn't expecting. Upon learning about her pregnancy, Allura stopped her journey short, deciding to return to Hilgari in order to tell Trendall. When she arrived in Hilgari and learned that Trendall left, Allura went and sought out his family, telling them of the news. Then, after insisting that she needed to return home, Allura left Hilgari for Belnin. In Belnin, Allura took up working at her parent's shop once again before having her son, Avlous.   About a year after Avlous was born, Allura left Belnin again, deciding to move to Hilgari permanently, or at least until Trendall returned. Allura took up working in the Allfallen shop, having been welcomed into the family. Now, Allura and Avlous live in Hilgari, hoping that Trendall will return back to his home.


Like most children in the Empire, Allura went through the required public schooling offered in Belnin. When she was old enough to be out of school, Allura did venture back to continue on with it, but ended up not enjoying spending all her time at school, so she left school in order to work in her family shop.


Allura currently works for the Allfallen family in Hilgari. However, before settling into Hilgari with Avlous, she worked in her family shop in Belnin.

Biological Sex
Allura is straight.
Gender Identity
Allura identifies as female and uses 'she' and 'her'.
Large and dark blue
Black, long, frizzy
4' 3"
98 lbs.
Known Languages
Gnomish, Common, Dwarvish

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