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Augmented Universe

March 30th 2160

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(Currently Revamping existing articles for better readability, Some will go down for major rewrites, thanks for your patience)     Once, there was a time where people dreamed humanity would venture into the stars, United under one banner and one creed. Humanity could be United by it's common interests, and push into the great unknown, with wonder, hope, and fear.   That dream is dead.   The year is 2347, just under 230 years since mankind developed HyperSpace Travel and 327 years since the breakout of World War III that destroyed all the major powers of the modern age.   Humanity is stretch out over a little corner of the milky way galaxy, its population exploded and now humanity controls 300 star systems, and numbers 300 billion humans, divided into dozens of small faction, single planet governments, and 4 super powers, The United Planetary Republic, The Terran Corperation, the Holy Imperium, and the Cominterm of Man, locked in a brutal cold war rife with political rhetoric, Proxy Wars, back stabbing, and tense border conflicts, each side fighting for control of the capital of mankind, Earth.   Humanity is at the edge of a war like none other, that could change the course of history, a war between the Carsonist United Planetary Republic and the Corporate Fascists of the Terran Corporation. Battle plans have been mapped, their armies are mobilizing. All it takes is one spark to ignite this powerkeg...   Welcome to the Augmented Universe


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