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Member Since: 10 Feb, 2018


Favorite Movies

Star Wars Saga, Star Trek series, Live Die Repeat, James Cameron Avatar, Pacific Rim, Elysium, Alien and Aliens, Predator, Saving Private Ryan, Hunt for Red October, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Raid.

Favorite Games

Halo Series, Titanfall 1 and 2, Elderscrolls, Fallout, Metro, Stalker, Hearts of Iron 4, Stellarus, Homeworld, Empire At War, City Skylines

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12 Oct, 2018 13:11

Thanks for following ^-^

15 Oct, 2018 00:19

No problem

22 Oct, 2018 06:44

Thanks for following

22 Oct, 2018 06:51

No Problem!

31 Oct, 2018 06:01

Thanks for following! After noticing some big similarities between our worlds I rewrote my World Description to better distinguish the two. So, thanks for inspiring me!

1 Nov, 2018 05:54

Don't worry about it my friend just do what you love, and keep doing what your doing!

11 Nov, 2018 22:33

Thanks for following. Now I'm fired up!

12 Nov, 2018 01:15

Awesome to Here!

19 Nov, 2018 17:30

Thanks for the follow!

19 Nov, 2018 19:46

No Problem!

24 Nov, 2018 20:43

hey there! I was just reading through some of your articles and saw the note in your world summary about hoping to be able to commission artwork from people. I am really enjoying reading about your universe and would like to contribute. So please feel free to hit me up on the world anvil discord if you need any art. To clarify: I AM offering you some free artwork.

24 Nov, 2018 21:19

Un yeah sure!

25 Nov, 2018 20:15

Thanks for the follow!

26 Nov, 2018 06:59

Thank You for the follow my friend!


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