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Finyard Woodblower

Finyard Woodblower

A friendly looking, happy fellow who seems to like everyone all the time, Finyard is one you would not suspect with overthrowing the Kokyosareta ruler. But one could not be more wrong, as Finyard is one of the architects behind the Freedom Brigade and a member of it's High Counil.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Finyard looks like a well fed halfling, with a bit of a chubby belly. He's not in great physical condition, but he is quite healthy.

Specialized Equipment


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Finyard has always been a woodcarvers, growing up in a famous halfling artisans family: the Woodblowers. He tried to become leader of the Woodcarvers Guild on multiple occasions, but never succeeded. Some say it is because of this he eventually became skeptical of the ruling military and while this might be a partial reason, he also genuinely believes in a better world.


Finyard was an apprenticeship in an important halfling family at a young age, learning the secrets of both woodcarving, diplomacy and trade.


Finyard is a woodcarver by trade, but lately this has more become a cover for his real rebel activities.

Wealth & Financial state

He's quite wealthy and is one of the only permament citizens of the The Artisan's Quarter who is able to access the high city, largely because of his wealth.

Current Location
Artisan's Quarter
Year of Birth
450 aA 74 Years old
Current Residence
The Artisan's Quarter
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Big, cheerful looking blue eyes.
Brown curly hair, long at the back but short at the sides.
Aligned Organization
Freedom Brigade
Known Languages
Common, Halfling.

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