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The Knights of the Triumvirate

Venerable and honored, Knights of the Triumvirate are an ancient and powerful order of paladins, devoted mainly to the holy triumvirate of Helm, God of Protection; Tyr, God of Justice; and Ilmater, God of Sacrifice. They track their roots to 1251 B. E., when the order’s first Grandmaster defeated the fierce red dragon Melehorex. Since then, the Knights have been paragons of virtue, instigators of justice and keepers of peace. As such, they are entirely outside of the jurisdiction of any state and/or ruler, with their chapter houses serving as temples, dedicated to the worship of the Triumvirate's gods.   Currently, the order has been thrown into a state of lethargy after the demise of their previous Grandmaster, Emperor Nominar. While the Emperor presented only a symbolic figurehead, he had a major say in matters concerning the overarching policies of the order. The current Grandmaster is Sir Allor Gaunt. The Knights usually wear heavy plate armor and traditionally a one-handed war hammer paired with a shield. Their ranks include mostly humans and dwarves, but all people are welcome to become members. They can be typically found in the Middle Realms and the Empire.   It should be noted that while all of the knights are demanded to follow the Code of Holy Conduct, based on the Triumvirate's teachings, not all of the order's members seek active aid of their gods on the battlefield, preferring to keep their martial art ridden of the traditional divine magic of paladins. Some even chose to dedicate themselves to other deities whose goals align with those of the Triumvirate. Examples of these include Torm, Bahamut or Lathander.


The order is headed by a Grandmaster, elected from and by all of the different Chaptermasters. He then names the Chaptermaster who succeeds him in his Chapterhouse and promotes regular Knights to the rank of Chaptermaster, should the need arise. The individual Chaptermasters oversee conduct in each of the Chapterhouses.

Public Agenda

The Knights represent virtues of Tyr, Ilmater and Helm. As such, they propagate holy themes emboldened by the divine favor of their gods. Justice, watchfulness and martyrdom are the bearings of every good member of the order.


While not being an organized military contingent, the Knights present a very respectable military force, armed with high-quality equipment and strengthened by exhausting training routines. The order has also amassed considerable wealth from donations and payments alike. Their Chapterhouses, especially the ones located outside of civilization, are much alike small, self-sustaining forts which serve as a safe haven to travelers braving the wilderness.


The beginnings of the order trace back to the year 1251 B.E. A year of great strife, many settlements and ships on the eastern coast of the Empire fell prey to a terrorizing red dragon, known as Melehorex. This dire situation was resolved by a heroic knight of Helm, who felled the dragon during it's attack on a major city. Word of his deed spread quickly and soon, he found himself beset by young, hopeful souls who sought to follow his example. Knowing the opportunity, he allied himself with a fellow knight of the Maimed God and another of Ilmater. Together, they trained the first generation of Knights and put together the teaching's of their respective gods, creating the Code of Holy Conduct, which would serve as a moral guideline for the coming generations.   Since then, the Knights remained at the forefront of all action in the realm, and even managed to withstand the Withering, becoming the only of the Empire's knight orders to survive the Exodus and maintain it's existence on the new continent, in large thanks to Nominar, who himself was a Chaptermaster of the Knights before becoming an Emperor.

Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
The Knights of Helm, The Knights of Tyr, The Knights of Ilmater, The Knights of the Holy Three
Parent Organization
The Empire of Terratus

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