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Free Unaligned Planets

There is a host of planets (no one is actually keeping track of how many) that while having a human presence they are not actually represented or participate anywhere.   These planets typically have no resources or anything of interest to any of the Empires so they let them be and they are too small to have any form of organised administration of government that would be interested in becoming a member of the InterGalactic Council.   Some of them are abandoned industrial/mining stations that still sport some kind of organised society and a still functioning space station. Most of them however are just places where people just try to scrap a living with not much regard to the rest of the world.   They make a perfect place to hide for a while or disappear entirely but their impoverished state doesn't attract serious crime. In the few instances that criminal organisations tried to make one of these worlds their base they quickly found out that standing out in an otherwise uninteresting place is a sure way to attract the attention of some law enforcement agency.   Travelers should be aware that each of these places has its own laws (if any) so they are on their own.  

Free Unaligned Planet my ass, just the polite way to say Fucked Up Pisshole
— Anonymous

Demography and Population


Political, independent
Official Languages

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