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Wolf-bear like hybrids

Inspired by Wargs (copyright J. R. R. Tolkien)

Basic Information


The Wvvelt is a wolf that has a bear-like build/size, four powerful limbs, and a human-like skeletal structure. The head is abnormally large due to the thick (2 inches wide) skull that protects the vulnerable cranium nerves inside. The Wvvelt is covered in thick, shaggy fur that ranges in length from 5 inches to 9 inches long and comes in three different colors--blue-grey, black, and auburn. The Wvvelt has retractable horns on the top of the head that can extract and retract into the head at will--the horns are covered in bioluminescent stripes.

Biological Traits

Females live about twice as long as males, for reasons unknown.

Genetics and Reproduction

Wvvelts breed once every four years (in Astor-Banthum time) during the month of Tiri via sexual reproduction. The average gestation period for a pregnant female is between 53 to 78 days. Wvvelt females become highly aggressive during the last week of gestation and are often left in solitude, even during the difficult labor.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Wvvelts mature at about the same rate as humans.

Ecology and Habitats

Wvvelts easily adapt to most habitats.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Wvvelts are carnivores and eat a wide variety of food, from Astorian hares to Cuttlesaur eggs that wash up on the beaches of Astor. Each pack has their own food pile that all the members share from, though the alpha gets the biggest portion and decides when the others eat.

Biological Cycle

Wvvelts often hibernate for one out of ten years (in Astor-Banthum time). Their long fur doesn't shed easily and often clumps together into tangled masses.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Wvvelts have the same social structure as wolves, except with no beta pair or omega.


The Wvvelt is not fully domesticated as a "pet", however it is classified as a riding animal by the Battlemaster Empire. Armies in Astor will often ride into battle on Wvvelts, but all attempts to tame the Wvvelt into a house pet (like a cat) have ended in disaster.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Due to the durability and toughness of the fur, Wvvelt hide is often used as plating for lightweight armor and for warmth in cold temperatures.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They occupy most habitable reigons of Astor, especially the grassy plains, and some remote reigons of Banthum as well.

Average Intelligence

The Wvvelt is fairly intelligent though not problem solving. It has about 60% of a human's brain capacity in terms of memory and knowledge.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Wvvelt has exceptional hearing and can detect noises from up to four miles away (five if they're loud). Wvvelts cannot detect light other than blue light so they use the bioluminescent stripes on their horns to communicate with others. (Normally they see a black landscape with objects outlined in a faint blue.)
Scientific Name
Canis lupus ursus
Males: 50 years Females: 110 years
Conservation Status
The Wvvelt is considered Threatened by the Astorian Board of Fauna Protection or ABFP.
Average Weight
95.3 kg

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