The cloying heat and humidity of the Mwangi Jungle hits the players in full force as soon as they step out of Huntergate. The temperature in the jungle at the time of this adventure is categorized as normal at night but mild heat during the day. Fatigue sets in during the day after just 4 hours of activity. See the rules for temperature on page 517 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook for more information.

Camping in the Jungle

  As they explore the Mwangi Jungle, the players will need to camp out in order to rest and recover. Use the following exploration activity in this Adventure Path to adjudicate these periods of relative inactivity.  


  Setting up a camp in the Mwangi Jungle takes about an hour and requires one PC to attempt a secret DC 22 Survival check to determine the quality of the campsite. Utilizing Ekujae mosquito netting they provide grants the PC a +2 circumstance bonus to this Survival check. At your option, other precautions taken by the PCs can instead grant this bonus, but multiple tactics are not cumulative.  This activity assumes the PCs are resting for 8 hours.   Critical Success The camp serves the PCs well, allowing them to rest and make their daily preparations upon waking without difficulty. The camp is also camouflaged or protected, and as a result, there is no chance of a random encounter while the PCs rest.   Success The camp serves the PCs well, allowing them to rest and make their daily preparations upon waking without difficulty.   Failure The camp doesn’t effectively prevent insects, rain, and other unpleasant jungle elements from reaching the PCs. The PCs can still rest and make their daily preparations, but each PC is also exposed to dysentery (see sidebar).   Critical Failure The camp is an utter mess. The PCs are exposed to both dysentery and malaria (see sidebar). In addition, they gain no benefit from rest during the time spent camping, and they instead become fatigued.


    If the PCs failed or critically failed their Survival check to set up camp, they’ll each need to attempt a Fortitude save against one or both of the following diseases, respectively.   Dysentery (disease) Level 4.  The victim suffers from violent nausea and gradual dehydration, and can’t recover from the sickened condition from dysentery until the disease is cured. Saving Throw DC 19 Fortitude; Onset 1 day; Stage 1 sickened 1 (1 day Stage 2 fatigued and sickened 1 (1 day).   Malaria (disease Level 7. The victim has a fever and flu-like symptoms, and can’t recover from the fatigued condition from malaria until the disease is cured. Saving Throw DC 23 Fortitude; Onset 1d6+6 days; Stage 1 fatigued (1 day Stage 2 enfeebled 1 (1 day).

Table of Contents


  • Map of Mwangi Jungle

    Exploration Map of Mwangi Jungle near Arkrivel

  • Map of Akrivel

    Akrivel is a level 5 settlement, for the purposes of Earn Income downtime activities.   Woven tree branches form the foundations and buildings of this large treetop Ekujae town. Bridges made of sturdy vines spread out through the rain forest canopy, allowing rapid travel through the jungle for miles around. Dozens, if not hundreds, of trunks of massive trees, each over ten feet wide, support a wide weaving of branches that in turn supports the city above, and each is decorated with twisted roots and shoots that have been painstakingly arranged to form images of elephants and leopards. Further up the trunks, amid beautiful meshes of branches that have grown together to form wide platforms overhead, a staggering array of grafted fruit trees and earth-filled terrace gardens creates a spectacular display.   The Ekujae settlement is home to several hundred elves, but unlike many other cities, their community is not traditionally set up to support trade. There are no merchants in Akrivel for the adventurers to shop with, and no one is particularly interested in buying things from them.