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The largest nation in Khusan, Surwyn is a kingdom bearing great wealth, diversity and religious strength. Despite it's positives, Surwyn is also home to turbulent politics, as well as a bloody past.


Surwyn is a monarchy, currently governed by Queen Octavia. She rules from her seat of power in King's Ransom, the capital city of Surwyn, alongside the Gilden Council, a board of advisers representing each noble house's interests. There are five noble houses total, and each governs a separate township or city in Surwyn, as well as the land surrounding it.


Before the Eternity War, the landmass now known as Khusan was ruled by a single empire that spanned the continent, known as the Glacius Empire, made up of mostly humans, halflings and dwarves. After the Eternity War and the exodus of the deities, this empire quickly shattered under the weight of the dangers of Ashera. What was once an empire quickly became separate clans who spread out over the continent.   Over the centuries, the halflings who had settled the southern coastlines built a trade network that invited an increasing number of settlers from all over, eventually becoming a fledgling nation, dubbed Surwyn, a combination of the halfling words for sea and trade.   It eventually came to be conquered by a cruel human named Tharyn Tylvar, who declared himself king of the nation, which now encompassed most of South Khusan. A revolution known as the "War of Iron" came about, named so after the iron mine that acted as the rebellion's base of operations and primary supply of weaponry and armour. The rebellion as lead by a paladin of Adoria named Falthos Harpia alongside his holy knights. After a long and bloody war, Falthos sat upon the throne Tylvar had created, his family became the ruling monarchy of the surrounding lands, his closest allies were given lands to rule over as the new nobility and his holy knights were dubbed "the Iron Legion".


Surwyn's primary religions are those of the Seven Sisters. Worship of the Moth Prince or the Twin Dragons is not unlawful but is looked down on. Worship of the Horde Gods is abhorred and illegal.
Geopolitical, Country
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Monarchy, Absolute
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