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The Daralei Dish

"Healthy" is a relative term in the Daralei. The fact is that the digestive processes of every race are different. For example, Halflings don't suffer from diabetes and can eat however much of whatever food as much and as often as they want without any other side effects than the rounding of their bellies. Khenra, tabaxi, leonin, aarakocra, kenku and many others cannot eat chocolate. Dragonborn even have an odd intolerance of green chilis that causes extreme indigestion. These are but a few of the many different intolerances that many of the races in the Daralei have, and beyond that there are several different foods that are taboo to some races that they will refuse to consume (oddly minotaurs allow themselves to consume beef, which many other races think would be extremely taboo which often sparks many fiery tempers about assumptions and stereotypes in taverns and restaurants.)   However, there are three food items that are universally digestible and allowed in every culture; Potatoes, Fish, and Eggs. Thus, the Daralei Dish was made. It generally has a type of pan seared or baked fish, usually cod, tuna or salmon (never fried because fried foods cause issues in centaur stomachs), a baked potato with a side of halved boiled eggs. It can be eaten unseasoned or seasoned depending on the eater's desires, and is the one food that is sold everywhere across the Daralei simply due to it's accessibility for all. Of course, this doesn't precisely serve EVERYONE, as it obviously is inaccessible to vegetarians and vegans. However, salads are also served in every area as well, which is the second most accessible dish. It is second only because the Pjornun (Bearfolk) cannot digest lettuce or any vegetable like cabbage, kale or other leafy green well.    The idea of healthy is more geared towards individual races in the Daralei, being based more on what they can and should eat rather than everyone. Therefore, the definition is blurred and doesn't apply well when in the larger picture.

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