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Artun Daralei

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The Artun Daralei, the World Eternal. A world that stretches so far and wide that in the 90,000 years since the First Scripts it's full size has not yet fully been discovered. Many theorize that the world is, indeed, infinite and forever, and the only ends are those met by those who would travel in search for it's edges. With the many continents across it's unending span, many a race has sprung across it's lands and seas. To this day the world has seen many a war and treaty, falls and rises of empires and civilizations, all cascading into the current day where the Daralei Accords unite the many races of the world.   Magic is an integral part of this world in many forms, but in terms of it's origin, there are few concrete connectors between them. Many theories have been presented; the Weave, extra-planar beings, energy leftover from the Creation, and many other ideas have been used to try and explain the process of magic, but none have connected everything completely aside from one deciding factor: Belief. The belief that something will happen as a consequence of an action. As such, the newest and so far most converging theory is that of Psionics. Of course, this is an early theory, and none that follow this theory have managed to conjure magic through stubborn belief on it's own. However, from the Druids in the forest to the Wizards of the nooks and Clerics of the chapel all seem to follow a single thread, and that it is the belief that their magic will happen because something will make it happen.   Psionics is a real thing, in fact it is the truth, but beyond what is known by the people of the Daralei there are many more powers with it. The same belief that creates wonderous magic out of hope and belief can also create monsters from fear and superstation. Even the world of the Daralei itself expands only with belief- and sometimes terror- that it may stretch forever with new wonders and threats in it's lands and seas.

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