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Answering: "a children's tale or song based on a real event"

Red Clouds Over Deorinnë
Myth | Aug 1, 2023

A deceptively innocent rhyme that, in reality, refers to one of the darkest moments in Dominion history

First of all - the combination of poem/song and a short explanation is one I enjoyed. And second - the poem/story grabbed me and literally brought me to tears. Even without reading what the truth behind it is I could guess the flowers are not a good kind of symbol. Just the poem itself hints at men going to fight, leaving families behind which hits even stronger.

The Sprout's Demise
Myth | Jul 21, 2023

This is a glorious example of presenting a character through their speech. I absolutely love the use- even if it's not much - of phrases more fit for spoken word. The "Ahhh" and the "so, kid" for example. I can almost see a serious looking man in a suit with green tie and rectangle glasses, all serious, standing tall and scary in front of a bunch of punk teens and telling them this story. I'd definitely re-read this now that I have the link to it saved!

People in the Trees
Myth | Oct 9, 2023

A Caillan children's song with a dark past.

The two things I especially love about this one: The poem/song itself definitely has the sound of a catchy children's rhyme that you can legit hear on the playground. And two - this is freaking realistic: "Today, children - and quite a few adults - are generally not aware of the origins of the song. If asked, children generally imagine people crouched up in the branches of trees having a snooze." - A pretty good example of short, sweet and to the point. My favorite type of read. Especially recently.

Twister, Twist Her
Myth | Jul 21, 2023

“Twister, Twist Her” is a popular nursery rhyme, folk song, and singing game in the land of Eden.

I simply cannot skip this one. It's obvious it's written by a professional. It combines some of the things I really love seeing combined: child-like innocence, mysterious (super)natural phenomena, a surprising twist (pun intended ... XD) and a scary, terrifying aftermath with an escalation of it's effect realized after considering an unexpected change. I can imagine a movie that - if done correctly - could probably win a LOT, based on this idea/tale.

Answering: "a settlement at the limits of the "known" or "civilized" world"

Goblin Market
Settlement | Jul 31, 2023

I just had to pick this one. I did write a few goblin-related articles this time myself so I'm somewhat attracted to the topic. I love the importance of the Deal. It almost brings fey/fae to the level of demonic/devil beings. Makes them very realistic, that's for certain. I also like the fact an entrance from mortal-world side is usually underwater. A place where only some mortals can survive probably long enough to even go look for it (if they'd want to).

Settlement | Jul 27, 2023

Didn't comment on this one but I liked it because it shows me how to - probably - write a town in for a D&D game? As far as I'm understanding. There's a Campaign link in the end. hmmm.

City of Cavefell
Settlement | Jul 27, 2023

A town in a deep cavern, on the border of the Core and the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Such a lovely little article! I especially love the element of - when the evil comes anywhere, even in a place such as the Fire Plane, beasts are the ones who fight for the locals in order to return life to normal. AND, and I'm definitely biased in a way, the place where they found safety was a ruined temple of a Dragon Goddess.

Three-Trees, Gateway to the Deep Lament
Settlement | Jul 13, 2023

That place sounds fascinating and the home locations & connections are SUPER cool being rope-bridges! I don't really have anything different to say - I like the place described. I totally want to visit it.

Answering: "A myth or truth about the meaning of your universe"

Threads in the Veil
Myth | Aug 1, 2023
What really struck me in this one is the use of communication. When I read that prompt for some reason I thought it's about the creation of the world - what's the myth and the truth about the world's creation. But here the author speaks of possible reaching through the Veil. Definitely makes me widen my pool of "what do I write on this one".

The Green
Myth | Jul 31, 2023

The Greeeeeeen! I don't want to imagine a world where all the green is gone. In a big way this one article is so painfully possible and relatable for our planet it hurts. ArachneWeaver has created this amazing but extremely sad version of what our world could be and it really hits in the heart.

Unusual Magic
Myth | Nov 28, 2023

Really enjoyed the format of this one - like a short tale with a big question/mystery in the end. The traveler was young and enjoyed the fancy magic but the monk read him like a book in two seconds and used his own trick against him. Really a story of open-mindedness and points of view between generations and occupations it feels like.

The Sea Dragons
Myth | Jul 31, 2023
Sea Dragons. Dragons in general. This wonderful piece reminded me I need to do more on this topic myself. Especially about Sea Dragons, having in mind it's a literal symbol to one of my towns.
My SummerCamp articles in a nicely organized list for your reading convenience! 

My SummerCamp

this year was... surprisingly inspiring and somewhat easy. I'd credit that to the mostly better prompts this time. An entire 6 species prompts? If I could use any of my Discord emojis here you'd see a row of happy froggos. Having in mind I was trying to split the month time between SummerCamp and ArtFight - like I've done for at least two years now... (or one? Maybe one. I know I joined ArtFight last year with Wither & Bloom, so this year included makes two. There.)- and I wouldn't want to break my Diamond Badge streak here for SC, I did need some external inspiration for some prompts. Fortunately I did see it takes 32 for the shiny and not all 40 [though I do want to write the rest at some point. Especially as some of the ones I didn't do I don't think I even saw on time.] or that would've destroyed my hands. And brain. 

What am I especially happy about this time around are two things: 
one - I re-wrote and brought back two of the things I'd deleted before - Atlantis and The Gray Woods.
and two: I did a bunch of articles focused on my worlds'  goblins. This was half-inspired by the fact I'm currently binge-listening to Critical Role & Nott is a ball of adorable chaos and by re-discovering Upjers and the game Undermaster that I've grown to really love despite the somewhat not-attractive creature designs. The following are all goblin-themed & connected: 
Bella Beaux; The Mineburrow Chisel; Goblin Directions; Hookrest Cuisine
The fantasynamegenerators gave me a bunch of cool names for goblin town, villages & cities that I definitely have more to think & write about. Some of those names are - Runfell, Darkmore, Grimburn, Wildhallow, Palemire and Stostrak. And of course, Mineburrow & Hookrest. 


  • Write for self. No pictures or too fancy formatting, the print option still gives a jigsaw to puzzle together if you put images. It shoves sidebar text to the bottom too.

  • Go out & get inspired by the real world maybe? Not that there's something inspiring around.

  • Figure out more goblin, dwarf, imp, etc. stuff - there are races very used in fantasy writing that I've been avoiding. STOP AVOIDING THEM. A BIT ugly is OK! Not everything has to be nice and smooth and pretty!

  • Write on-site about Fogfalls & Albiville, how they are connected to Rockdoors;

  • Use poems and shorter stories to tell the tales & other contents: I did enjoy the poem/song/short story format.

For the love of everything do NOT write when sleepy. Editing every second word is annoying!

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