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Rainbow Fire Moths

The Rainbow Fire Moths are called this way because they represent the LGBTQ+ community with their markings and growth structure, because they gravitate towards beings belonging to this spectrum and because - if they are happy and sensing a harmonious environment that treats its LGBTQ+ members as equals - they would create a glittery rainbow trail wherever they fly. The happier they are - the more vibrant the rainbow. And in the night the rainbows look like little colorful fires hence the name. 

Rediscovery - how did they make it?

For about 200 years the species was considered extinct since there had been no sightings of the Fire Moths anywhere in the world - those were times when some questions with the LGBTQ+ community on Terra were raised and needed to be resolved. Speculations about the correlation between the two things appeared and people started saying:

"We'll know things are getting better when the Fire Moths return!"

Then in the middle of summer of 2019 Fire Moths were seen - first in the UK, then in Italy and then slowly - all over the planet. After tracking the sightings of the first ones, explorers came across a most fascinating discovery - a massive cave, technically located under the ocean, full of little faintly glowing eggs - so full actually that bats had no place to land on the ceilings and the light of all the eggs together combined was so strong that the bat population flew away and to this day inhabits the nearest forest.

Eggs without sex? Or eggs from same-gender pairs?
The Fire Moths had a perfect solution for these questions: The "hetero" pairs would create eggs, the same-gender pairs would fly around in the night and look for abandoned nests of different other moths and bring them in by sticking them on the underside of the adults' body and then releasing a slippery substance in order to un-stick the eggs from the fluff of the adult and stick them to the cavern's ceiling. Then when all possible eggs are gathered together the Fire Moths would fly circles under them, releasing their rainbow dust, turning the "adopted" ones into their own kind. The eggs would hatch whenever they feel ready and the circle would start again.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

One major thing that hints at the intelligence of the FireMoths is the fact that they can find their own "owners". This doesn't mean people who can train them - because Fire Moths are wild moths - but it means people and beings who emit love and have the same values as the moths. A bit peculiar the explain but not impossible for an open mind - should a couple of a straight man and a bisexual woman live happily in a new home their garden is very likely to attract Fire Moths with those respective flags on their wings.

Fire Moths do understand speech and would understand if one is lying and hiding behind words sweeter than what their opinion really is. The Moths would not go close to such a creature and their light would not glow.

Geographic Distribution

The FireMoths were supposedly limited to just a couple of smaller places in mid-Kaloterra. However with the rediscovery of the species it turns out they are wide-spread all over the world.

85 years
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The most interesting feature about the FireMoths is their coloring and markings. There is no sex or gender to the hatched baby moths in the beginning. Those appear along with the wing markings when the moth decides what they identify as/are attracted to (or not) - roughly three months to a year after being born.

he FireMoths' wing patterns are all the possible flags and combinations of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. It's quite a fascinating find to see groups of differently colored ones in one place and it's also extremely inspiring.
I'm always trying to be respectful so please do tell me if I'm offending someone with the text of this article or by calling something a certain way. I can change it!

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