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Mana Crystals

Unique to the Kingdom of Arthos, Mana Crystals provide all the magic the kingdom needs. From Fire Crystals for cooking and keeping warm, to Light Crystals for seeing in the dark, you can expect to find them in nearly every aspect of life in Arthos.


Material Characteristics

Mana Crystals appear as crystals deep underground. There are 15 unique colours of Mana Crystals, each corresponding to a different magical property. Red is for fire, blue is for water, white is for ice, etc. The bigger the crystal, the more power it holds.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Each color crystal has a unique property. Ice crystals are so cold, and Fire crystals are so hot, that they need to be handled with care. Space and Time crystals need to be used very quickly after harvesting, or kept under binding spells, or they will vanish from the user. Electric crystals need to be handled by electric mages, or the harvester will be electrocuted. Healing crystals will heal whoever they come in direct contact with it. Life and Death crystals, though rare, can revive or kill whatever they come in contact with. Mind crystals give the user heightened mental capabilities. Light and Dark crystals will lighten or darken a room if used. Water crystals can create bodies of water, from small puddles to a large lake. Earth crystals can manipulate the Earth around it. Air crystals can manipulate the air around them. Nature crystals can help the flora around them.


The Crystals are created from solidified mana found naturally in the Earth.

Geology & Geography

Mana Crystals can be found only in the Kingdom of Arthos. It can be seen growing from above ground all the way down to the deepest caverns.

Origin & Source

It is thought that Mana Crystals originate from the blood of 15 mages that were slain when Arthos was founded, during a fierce war with the neighboring kingdom of Illini.

Life & Expiration

The smaller the crystal, the less power it contains. Smaller stones are useful for one-time uses, but large stones are better for long-term use.

History & Usage


Mana Crystals are thought to come from the blood of 15 mages slain in the final battle between Arthos and Illini. Each were adepts in their elements and when they were slain, their blood ran into the earth and created the mana deposits found all throughout Arthos. In truth, no one really knows how the Mana Crystals came to be, they've just seemed to always be there.

Everyday use

Because of the variety of crystals, each possess different uses in everyday life. Some examples include: Fire Crystals can be used for lighting torches, cooking, heating water, and of course fighting. Water Crystals can be used in case of an emergency, creating safe water to drink, and cooking.


Due to the unpredictable nature of magic, crystals can be dangerous. They can easily go haywire if used by someone who is inexperienced.


Trade & Market

Smaller Mana Crystals can be found in nearly every market in Arthos, while larger ones have to be bought directly from the harvesters.


The larger the crystal, the more expensive it is
Varies from Crystal to Crystal
Please don't lick the mana crystals
Ranging from Red to Black
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State

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