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The Ether (Ee-th-er)

“ is all around us. Artera’s heart, its blood, and breath."
Helida; Herald of Orgo

The Ether is what gives everyone on Artera their special abilities and powers. People of Artera have their own beliefs regarding it. In truth the Ether and the voide are energy, the flows through realms. It changes people on a deeply biological level, granting those effected fantastical abilities.   Over the mellinia the various races on Artera have attached various metaphysical beliefs and dogmas connected to the Ether. Ranging from godly pantheons, to ancestral myths. Some see it as a fundamental element of the universe that is to be studied and understood, and others see it as something to be harnessed and used as a tool or even a weapon. To some the Ether is an infection, a poison, an affliction to be cured or purged. No matter how its understood and formed, Ether is what allows the People of Artera to perform great feats of power. From simply moving objects with their minds, to manipulating matter.   Across centuries there have been attempts to understand the bounds and limitations of the Ether. Early on it was realized that using these abilities caused unseen waves that could be felt by others. These abilities were then dubbed Surges. Surges are sorted into several categories: Elemental, Nature, Material, Psychic, and Necrotic. Surges must be focused with the use of an Ether Crystal Worn by the user. Surges can be performed with out a focusing crystal but with an extreme danger to the user. Ether flows through out every realm and there are 2 variations of ether. From what is known they both flow freely though each realm and can be used in a plethora of ways.


Ether Sickness

Using the Ether without the assitance of a crystal, or even over taxing your crystal can lead to whats commonly known as 'Ether Sickness'. this malody is dangerous and can often time be fatal. To avoid this, users must rest when needed, avoid extensive use of surges. Symptoms can inclusde: Unconsciouness leading to Coma, Vomiting, Halucinations, Psycosis.




The Ether takes the form of crystals that naturally form in the ground primarily in mountain ranges and deep chasms. Ether Crystals are of great importance to nearly every nation and faction on Artera. Some countries, locations and even certain establishments, have regulations on the crystals. Crystals can either be focused of Unfocused. Unfocused crystals are useful and they can be embued with any of the types of surges, and used for different applications. They can be forged into weapons, used as power sources, currency, some nations have managed to develope advanced technologies.



Invisible to naked eye and only detectible by those well trained in Psycic Surges. Little is known about Ether Nexus since very few have been found. One of the only known is in the Nexus located in Hyfall valley.Have vrious effects on the surrounding areas depending on size and magnitude.

Pillars Of Ether

Surges are broken up into several categories that educators call Pillars. Each Pillar is a broad encapsulation of the type of Surge that is performed. This method was devised to group surges in order to accurately catalog each sub type. Each of these require a focusing crystal to perform. Especiall in cases where the Ether itself is being manipulated.



Ether itself can be manipulated. Turned into shields and barriers for protection, used to repair small to life threatening injuries.



Control and manipulation of Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. These abilities can be learned from many sources of knowledge. Manipulation if Light and Shadow must be granted at birth or by other means.



The planet lives and breathes around all the creature that live on Artera. From the birds that fly in the sky, to the grass that grows from the ground all can be controlled. The user can call upon beasts to their aid, and even borrow their senses. Cast healing, and barriers for protection and summoning the power of a storm.



The manipulation of the material things is something that can be deadly in the right hands. Conjuring a sword made of stone, creating set of armor without a blacksmith. The user can also create portals to quickly travel between locations.



The mind is a powerful tool. With the power of the Ether it can be a deadly one as well. The user can read minds, sensing living beings, move objects with telekinesis, and telepathy.



This aspect of the Ether is banned in almost every corner of Artera. It can be used to steal life energy from targets to heal yourself, completely drain other of life, casue decay to anything living.

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3 Jan, 2023 21:41

Can you flesh the Nexus section a little more? It feels like there's more story to be told there.

Washi Thomas
11 Jan, 2023 18:17

There actually Is and I've been working on their links to the greater world.

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