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Washi Thomas @Washi92

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"The Universe is a wondrous place made all the more beautiful by its utter hostility." - Washi

The Search

Thousands of years in the future, from the depths of deep space came The Great Calamity. It spread across the universe life a wild fire destroying everything in its path. Planets and civilizations that had yet discovered we cut down like wheat in a field. And the combined races of the Milkyway were next. In the face of certain decimation they set aside their squabbles and they scrambled to save their races form imminent destruction. A plan was hatched from the combined minds it was called 'Project Eden'. They would search for a place, beyond the destruction. A place where the futures of the races would be saved. So up they searched turning their eyes to the depths of space searching for safe harbor. Time passed the the deluge grew closer, then they found it. A world at the edge of their gaze, one that might prove to be their salvation. Now they were faced with a new problem.Who would be saved and how to get them to safety.

The Arks

The races met and decided what they would do. Massive Ark would be constructed for every race. They would all be set to converge on Artera; Safe Harbor. These arc would be loaded with DNA scans of the races and what information they wanted to save. Most races saw this as an opportunity. A chance for their people to start a new. Leaving behind all of their people mistakes. Years passed and the Arc were completed and launched. Their computers filled, their holds full, and faced towards their future. The Arks traveled the cosmos escaping their demise for centuries. Until they had finally arrived, their safe haven: Artera.


On this fertile new planet is where the Terran, Dwarves, Artheros, Endor, and Kara began a new. These infant races start anew on a untouched world. But unknown to them, this planet holds a secret. Artera was spared from the Great Calamity because of its Location is centered at a universal crossroad,where every plain of existence touches. This creates a mysterious energy called Ether, the flows through freely like water through the universe. The Ether protects the planet and grants the inhabitant abilities like they have never seen before.


Artera is a world that now teams with life. Empires, kingdoms, and tribes spread across the surface. Everyone has everything to gain and everything to lose. Tensions race, ideals clash, and new secrets are unearthed. Here on Artera anything is possible.