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“We crested the mountain and we finally saw it, the valley that they called home. First Battalion didn't have long to admire it, before they were on them. The Norn cut through the front lines like a reaper in the fields.”
Recovered War Journal


Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Norn and Terran anatomy is identical, lungs heart, brain, skeletal structure, reproductive organs are all exactly the same. With one distinct difference.

Biological Traits

The body build and structure of the Norn vary but typically they are very well built (muscles, figure etc.) and tougher than humans. The dysmorphism different between male and female Norn is different than the other on Artera. Females are twice the size of Males and twice as strong.

Ecology and Habitats

Norn live and thrive in high altitude and cold temperature. SNow covered mountains of Hyfall and the harsh Icy tundra and glaciers beyond is where they live.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Norn are a Matriarchal society. In the Social hierarchy women are at the top. Norn women take up the burden of hunting, providing, representing the family, and fighting in wars. While the males take up the roles of the home including child rearing, as well as other things like shop keeping and black smiting. Status in Norn society is not based in wealth or political stature. To a Norn the only currency that matter is Honor and Blood. Norn society has a heavy emphasis on family. A Norn's actions can reflect on her tribe and family. A victory for a single Norn is Victory for all.

Civilization and Culture

Courtship Ideals

Norn have specific a specific ‘ritual’ for courtship and marriage. Since the females are the heads of families and groups. The females choose their mates at specific times of year. (Typically during the spring and fall months) The available females gather and with the matriarchs blessing they go about choosing their mates.. By law the males can refuse and the women have to move onto other prospects. There is harsh punishment if a female forces herself on a male and it is found out. If two females have both decided on the same male, it can either be decided by peaceful agreement, or in a challenge fight overseen by the matriarch. Intentional killing in the challenge is not allowed though accidental deaths do happen.

Relationship Ideals

The female as the matron set the boundaries and the rules in the relationship. Disobedience is seen as an outright act of indignation, and worse a lack of affection.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

On the incapacitate or Death of a Families Matron. The responsibility falls to the male to represent the family. He wears a mark over his arm signifying that he carries her with him in all he does.


The exiled humans left the protection of the land of Ro'chus following the mountain trails into the bone chilling cold. The journey was arduous and dangerous and many fell to the weather,including their leader. Their people nearly gave up and headed back down the mountain but his three daughters rose up and lit a fire in their people's hearts. They assured them that their salvation, their freedom, their futures was forward not behind.   Through the thick clouds, the sun broke through and down below the peaks. There it was, grassy plains, clear waters, it was a paradise. They dubbed their new home Hyfall. Now settled into their new home the people made the three sisters their leaders. They dubbed their new people the Norn. Their people restructures into small family groups, and those groups into tribes.The Wolf, the Eagle, and the Snake. Each spear headed by a matriarch and with their own ideals but still loyal to their leaders.   Their changes were not just societal but physical. They, grew taller, larger, and stronger. The women even more so. This place was more than a fertile valley, the water flowed with concentrated Ether. It was everywhere, In the water they drank, and the food they ate. Eventually this change became permanent and this would set them apart from all the others that arrived to Artera for generations to come. The Norn Expanded their territory to the far reaching mountains and the ice tundras beyond.   Years later, the Terrans from the valley below came to exterminate them and made their way up the mountains to their home. The Norn Pushed them back down into the valley and burn the Terran Cities at the base of the mountains. With their their point established, the Norn sent a clear message to the Terrans. Fight us and be met with no mercy.

Common Myths and Legends


The Norn treat the Ether as the giver of their immense strength and closeness with nature. Every time a Norn dies what they are passes on to the ones that remain alive, their strength, their memory, their love lives on through those they leave behind. To a Norn, no one is ever really gone and they carry the dead with them.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions


The Norn abhor the Terran, at the very least they loathe them. Some may even hate them enough to attack or Kill on sight. But Norn the voluntarily leave Hyfall can at least be talked to and reasoned with.


Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Sapien
100-200 Yrs
Average Height
1.8 - 2.7 meters
Average Weight
80 - 136kg
Average Physique
Stocky, Muscular

Norns are the genetic sister race to the Terrans, with a few vast and notable differences. Though the Norn's basic physiology is the same. Their differences come in the form of their size, strength and pure ferocity. This is due to their adaptation to the harsh cold of the mountains and glaciers beyond, and their consumption of the flora and fauna that gives them their enhancements. A average Norn is worth at least 5 Terrans.   In the mountain valley where the reside, Ether effects the Norn, plants and animals more so than other areas below. Unlike the Terrans, elemental powers are vastly more rare for the Norn. Instead, Ether granted them a closer bond with nature. They can control and commune with animals, borrow their senses for short periods of time, control plants, and even shapeshift.   Norn are tight knit, trusting of only themselves, and always ready to fight at a moments notice. One thing is for certain with the Norn. If you seek them out, bring your all because you will not get a second chance.

| Ether |

Effects of the Ether on the race/species. Percentage is the amount of the population would have this effect

  • N/A

  • Animal Manipulation - 45%
  • Healing - 15%
  • Protection - 15%
  • Plant Manipulation - 20%
  • Unaffected - 4%
  • Shape shifting - <1%

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