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“We crested the mountain and we finally saw it, the valley that they called home. First Battalion didn't have long to admire it, before they were on them. The Norn cut through the front lines like a reaper in the fields.”
Recovered War Journal



Exiled and Abandoned

The Norn were once part of the Terran race. But were force ably removed from their home land for not conforming to their beliefs. These exiled terrans left the protection of the land of Ro'chus following the mountain trails into the bone chilling cold. The journey was arduous and dangerous and many fell to the weather,including their leader. Their people nearly gave up and headed back down the mountain but his three daughters rose up and lit a fire in their people's hearts. They assured them that their salvation, their freedom, their futures was forward not behind.   Through the thick clouds, the sun broke through and down below the peaks. There it was, grassy plains, clear waters, it was a paradise. They dubbed their new home Hyfall. Now settled into their new home the people made the three sisters their leaders. They dubbed their new people the Norn. Their people restructures into small family groups, and those groups into tribes.The Wolf, the Eagle, and the Snake. Each spear headed by a matriarch and with their own ideals but still loyal to their leaders.   Their changes were not just societal but physical. They, grew taller, larger, and stronger. The women even more so. This place was more than a fertile valley, the water flowed with concentrated Ether. It was everywhere, In the water they drank, and the food they ate. Eventually this change became permanent and this would set them apart from all the others that arrived to Artera for generations to come. The Norn Expanded their territory to the far reaching mountains and the ice tundras beyond.   Years later, the Terrans from the valley below came to exterminate them and made their way up the mountains to their home. The Norn Pushed them back down into the valley and burn the Terran Cities at the base of the mountains. With their their point established, the Norn sent a clear message to the Terrans. "Fight us and be met with no mercy."


Major Events


Flag Raising

The Scorching


Major Figures

Alios GillAndrais





Social Structure

Norn are a Matriarchal society. In the Social hierarchy women are at the top. Norn women take up the burden of hunting, providing, representing the family, and fighting in wars. While the males take up the roles of the home including child rearing, as well as other things like shop keeping and black smiting. Status in Norn society is not based in wealth or political stature. To a Norn the only currency that matter is Honor and Blood. Norn society has a heavy emphasis on family. A Norn's actions can reflect on her tribe and family. A victory for a single Norn is Victory for all



Norn have specific a specific ‘ritual’ for courtship and marriage. Since the females are the heads of families and groups. The females choose their mates at specific times of year. (Typically during the spring and fall months) The available females gather and with the matriarchs blessing they go about choosing their mates.. By law the males can refuse and the women have to move onto other prospects. There is harsh punishment if a female forces herself on a male and it is found out. If two females have both decided on the same male, it can either be decided by peaceful agreement, or in a challenge fight overseen by the matriarch. Intentional killing in the challenge is not allowed though accidental deaths do happen.



Norn marriage ceremonies are not typically big affairs. Most of the time these things are done on mass in sizable groups with multiple couples vowing under the view of the Norn High Matrons. The woman vows to protect the Norn way ofheir unborn children until the day she goes to the Ether. The male vows to support the her as his only love and cherished warrior until the day he joins her in the Ether. Weddings for the Norn is a celebration of two forces uniting to form an even stronger force. Together the mates become the spear that will cut their enemies to the bone.


Major Laws

Terrans are not allowed in Hyfall:

Due to Norn troubled and tumultuous history with Terrans they are not allowed into Norn territory. Most are either Repelled or killed on sight. There are VERY rare cases in which Terrans have been allowed into Hyfall.

  A Norn male can not leave Hyfall without Permission of the Clan Matriarch:

Norn males have a responsibility among the Norn social structure. If one decides to leave to see the world outside Hyfall he must gain such permission from their clans matriarch. If Norn male leaves without permission that person is dishonored and dead to their people.




To the Norn the Ether is the source of their strength and power. It is also what link all the Norn together. A birth, death, victory or defeat they are all connected through the Ether. Some of the Norn view the Ether as a gateway, that they travel through when the Var'jor is complete. That sends them to a place where they fight an endless battle where they never tire, never grow hungry and their lust for combat is finally sated. The other believe that the Ether passes on the memories and strengths of the ones dead to make the Norn stronger for their future battles.



Norn given names have no set patterns to speak of. Surnames are passed won from the females through marriage. Name changes are very uncommon but do occur after approval from the Clans Matriarch. Because of this most Surnames have exited for centuries.

  Common Surnames

GillAndrais, Orund, Fulcast, Norbund, Norun, Kaldar, Jör, Hysdatter, Vaulkson, Hysen, Aldatter, Ersen, Benbahl



Death (Var'jor)

A Norns death is a sacred occasion. The dead are places on a flaming pyre along with their weapons and armor (if they had any), and are covered with a sweet smelling accelerant. They are then floated into the lake of Ether. The eldest child(or closest relative) must fire an arrow to ignite the pyre. Then lead the rest of the tribe in a prolonged howl.

  The Howl

The Howl is an action performed at the Var'jor. The Howl has 2 interpretations. One is a a recognition of sorrow for the passing of a warrior and the passing of their memories and strength to the rest of the Norn. The other is a howl of warning to their enemies that they fight in the great battle. A warning that another Norn has enter the fight.

  Dressing (Ardath)

The Dressing is a practice performed by Norn men for their mates before battle. Norn men assist in preparing the mates weapons an armor. Placing their families sigil onto their shield (if they have one). The adorn the warrior in sweet perfumes paint their skin with war tattoos.

  The Dawning (Icöldu)

This is the anniversary of the founding of the Norn society. This falls at the beginning of the winter months. This is a festival that very much brings out the debaucherous nature of the Norn. The holiday is framed as a way to let free. Just as they had free themselves from the Terran's rule.


Male Gladiatorial Fights

Smiting Competitions


Inter-species Relations


The relationship between the Norn and the Terran is not a good one. The two races hold nothing but animosity towards each other. If a Norn had an opportunity to kill a Terran he or she would not think on it, they would act.


The Artheros are a curiosity for most Norn. They are treated with a bit of indifference. Outside of the occasional scuffle with clashing ideals most Artheros are treated with respect and dignity. The Corvus subspecies of the Artheros is highly honored among the Norn. Since they are one of the few races on Artera that can match them in size, strength and love of combat.


The Endor irritate the Norn. Though they are free to enter the Norn country of Hyfall they do not particularly 'enjoy' their company. Their concepts of science rubs the Norn the wrong way. The fact that the Endor sell their own people leaves a distinct distaste for the Endorian culture in their mouths. The Endor lack core traditions which males the Norn uneasy. Lack of tradition translates to a lack of value to their history. The Endor are missing an emotional drive which upsets the Norn. But they know the the Endor are not to be tested. The Same with the Endor's companion race: the Kara. Though the Kara do not ignore their emotions they are more warmly welcomed in Hyfall.


Norns and Dwarves share plenty of similarities, especially their love of combat. They have similar core values, and have a heavy attachment to their cultures past. Norns and Dwarves get along so well, that the first Norn embassy was build in Lundar, across the ocean from Hyfall


Average Lifespan

100 - 200 Yrs

Average Height

1.8 - 2.7 Meters

Average Weight

80kg - 136kg



Norn and Terran anatomy is identical, lungs heart, brain, skeletal structure, reproductive organs are all exactly the same. With one distinct difference their size. Though they are located in the same place their size makes them easier to target. Since they are larger their bodies also work.

Genetic Ancestor(s)


Norns are the genetic sister race to the Terrans, with a few vast and notable differences. Though the Norn's basic physiology is the same. Their differences come in the form of their size, strength and pure ferocity. This is due to their adaptation to the harsh cold of the mountains and glaciers beyond, and their consumption of the flora and fauna that gives them their enhancements. A average Norn is worth at least 5 Terrans.   In the mountain valley where the reside, Ether effects the Norn, plants and animals more so than other areas below. Unlike the Terrans, elemental powers are vastly more rare for the Norn. Instead, Ether granted them a closer bond with nature. They can control and commune with animals, borrow their senses for short periods of time, control plants, and even shapeshift.   Norn are tight knit, trusting of only themselves, and always ready to fight at a moments notice. One thing is for certain with the Norn. If you seek them out, bring your all because you will not get a second chance.

| Ether |

Effects of the Ether on the race/species. Percentage is the amount of the population would have this effect

  • N/A

  • Animal Manipulation - 45%
  • Healing - 15%
  • Protection - 15%
  • Plant Manipulation - 20%
  • Unaffected - 4%
  • Shape shifting - <1%

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