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DIASTONE (dia-stone)

Diastone is a translucent immensely durable stone that is only found in large concentrations in large mountains & caves. Highly valued by many organizations & nations, Diastone is known for being extremely durable and ideal for use in construction for many important projects. Diastone also is translucent making it ideal for focusing light & energy to accomplish the desired effect by different builders. Diastone is only found in places that are called “Diastone Mounts” & “Diastone Caves.” Diastone can found in many places due to its immense durability, that it requires a high degree of superhuman strength or similar force in order to do real damage. Anything unless will not even scratch the surface of anything made from Diastone


Physical & Chemical Properties

Diastone is a transparent stone that reflect & channels all energy & light that it touches, giving off different effect depending on what the light & energy is. The stone is mostly warm to the touch, even in very cold environments.

History & Usage


Diastone was first discovered by members of the Carnvell Guild when they was on a joint-operation with the Jorai Tribes. While traveling to the edges of Aden for claiming landmarks, they discovered a large mountain that was oddly translucent. The Jorai & Carnvells decided to search out this mountain for weeks, determined to understand why it was translucent. They soon learned that the transparency was due to a stone that the mountain was made of, yet so durable that it took superhuman strength to crack. A member of the Jorai dubbed the translucent stone “Diastone.”

Everyday use

Diastone is used for the building of highly important structures such as Temples, government halls, merchant halls, etc.


Trade & Market

Currently, the only guild that sells Diastone to many nations is the Carnvell Guild in partnership with the Jorai Tribes.
Extremely valuable to many guilds, militaries, religious organizations, and even rogue groups.
Extremely rare as it is only found in large concentrations within large mountains & large caves.

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