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Dragon's Claw

The Dragon's Claw is a northern jutt of land that curves east, similarily to a claw. At the very end is a large island where a lone tower is built. It currently contains the Magic of the World within that tower. Dragon's Claw has a higher altitude, so has cliffs at every edge. It gets progressively higher the more North you go.   It was said that the Claw used to be a bridge into unknown worlds, and that Argeddon was not Animan's first home. It is said that some Animen crossed this bridge and built a colony on the Dragons claw before the bridge collapsed. The Animen were never able to find their home again.   Once a large Animan collective of four cities, as well as boreal forests and crystal forests hosting a plethora of different plants and animals, the Dragon's Claw was set afire during the 99 Year War by invading Humans. All that remains on the Claw is ruins, scorched earth, and tough, patchy grass. rodents and small predators are the only ones that call the Dragon's Claw home now, as the strong winds have eroded away any nutrion rich topsoil. It is generally very cold and very dry


Dragon's Claw is a rocky cape with many cliffs and jutts. There are many small, hidden pools that can be found along the Claw, but overall it is a very dry area. The edges end with tall cliffs, and the Endless Sea below.

Fauna & Flora

Trees once grew here, however it was very few, and when they were cut down to build the cities, the strong winds blew away the topsoil, making Dragon's Claw the rocky location it is today.   Tough grass still grows in some areas, which is eaten by small rodents and some goats whose ancestors were domesticated. Foxes hunt on the Claw.

Natural Resources

Stone was heavily mined in the area. Iron and Copper were metals commonly mined

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