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A 'North America' sized land mass surrounded by the 'Endless Sea'. Argeddon is cut off from a larger landmass by a deep mountain range that connects to unknown lands.   In the First Age, magical and nonmagical creatures roamed Argeddon. Humans struggled to live in a harsh environment and managed to build five main cities. The magical equivalent of the Humans; the Animen, built their own cities along the 'Dragons Claw', to the North. Eventually, the Animen of the North and the Humans of the South met as they explored the land and an alliance was forged, ending the First Age.   In the Second Age, religion and culture mixed and clashed as the two races began cooperating amd building civilization together. Humans found themselves physically weaker, and relied on the Animen to protect them. This allowed Animen to sieze power across the land. They turned away from the Gods and became greedy. They built a 'Royal City', angering the Human masses. A Human posing as an ally approached the leaders and suggested an act of sacrifice to regain favor. This sacrifice was to banish the magic and Gods of Argeddon to the edge of the world. Not wanting to be banished themselves, the Animen agreed to assist. A ritual is discovered and performed, and all magic vanished. This ends the Second Age.   In the Third Age, the Animen are severely weakened by the lack of magic. The Humans take advantage of their time of weakness, and begin an uprising. This begins the 99 Year War. The Animen are driven into the wilderness as their Army is outnumbered and slaughtered. Humans take control of the land, while the Animen aim to rebuild their society. It is this Age where my story begins.