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The Tysavra is an extremely rare lizard native to the Moremoss Fen. Tysavras have dark brown skin, two small ridges above their black, beady eyes, and grow to be about four inches long, with a tail that adds an additional two inches. Their leg muscles are exceptionally powerful for their size, and they can leap up to ten times their body length forwards from a standstill. They use this ability to hunt insects, especially ants and beetles that cannot escape fast enough.   Tysavras are strongly associated with good fortune by almost all the peoples of Aressa. To see one is believed to be a sign of an upcoming boon, but to get close enough to touch one is a sign of incredible luck for a great number of people. Legends hold that Tysavras have appeared before bountiful harvests, military miracles, and the birth of heroes. In some cases, sightings of a Tysavra have drawn many people into the fens, hoping to find one and gain good fortune, but only succeeding in becoming lost in the swamp.

Basic Information


Tysavras have four legs, a small, nimble head, and a long tail. Their head has two small ridges, located above their eyes, which secrete an oily gray mucous.   The ridges atop their heads secrete a thick, oily mucous, which is a grayish color. It coats their heads and forelimbs, and if a Tysavra falls into water, the mucous seemingly produces an air bubble around its head.

Ecology and Habitats

The Tysavra lives amid the mud of the Moremoss Fen, where its brown skin provides it with natural camouflage. The fen is dense in ants, grasshoppers, midges, dragonflies, and many other insects: the perfect place for it to hunt.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Rumors say that the lizard's mucous can be used to create a potion that brings good luck and longevity to its drinker, but they are difficult to confirm, given the lizard’s rarity.

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