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The Fullwing

The Fullwing is a type of ornithopter, a device that uses flapping wings to allow its pilot to fly. Earlier ornithopters attempted to make use of human power to flap the wings, but the Fullwing is enchanted so that the wings will flap on command, and the pilot only needs to give the correct command words at the correct times so that it will remain stable.   The Fullwing consists of a wooden frame that supports both the pilot's chair and the wings. The wings are about fifteen feet long and three feet wide, and are typically made from light canvas (or rarely leather) stretched over a similar wooden frame. Each wing is attached to the main body of the Fullwing with a long axle that allows the wing to flap up and down. The axles are kept well-greased so that they can reliably spin, as if either stuck, the Fullwing would spiral out of control and crash. Suspended between the two wings, in the center of the body, is the pilot's chair. This is also wooden, but is padded for comfort and has two straps that run from the shoulder to the opposite hip, crossing in the middle, to restrain the pilot.   When in flight, the pilot speaks a command word from a list of those that the Fullwing is enchanted to respond to. The following are the most common command words, though a particular Fullwing might have different words for the same functions or different functions entirely:


The Fullwing will fly straight up, attempting to correct for winds but otherwise only moving vertically


The Fullwing will fly straight down, again attempting to correct for winds but otherwise only moving vertically


The Fullwing will fly forwards while turning in the direction the pilot looks, which allows him to steer by simply turning his head


The Fullwing stops flying, with potentially disastrous consequences if in midair


The Fullwing will fly straight ahead, attempting to maintain a constant altitude; this allows the pilot to look around freely without affecting his flight path

    Fullwings are extremely expensive, and have become associated with the nobility and the wealthy. While limited in military utility compared to airships, they are sometimes used for reconnaissance.

Power Generation

Magical enchantments on the wings allow them to flap, creating lift and thrust


Enchanted wings

Weapons & Armament

None, though the pilot could carry a small crossbow

Armor and defense

Practically none except for a contingent feather fall that keeps the pilot safe if the enchantment ends or the Fullwing otherwise loses lift

Communication Tools & Systems




Additional & auxiliary systems


Hangars & docked vessels

A Fullwing can land practically anywhere and does not require a special hangar, though they are usually covered or stored inside to protect them from the weather.

5000-7500 gp
3-4 miles per hour, though effectively faster in long-distance travel due to the ability to fly over obstacles
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passengers Capacity

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