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The Litendrage or Pseudodragon is a small creature native to the far north, beyond the Tiril Bridge. They were brought as pets by the Heoringas, and have become well-established in the forests of Hastis.   Litendrages are popular as exotic pets among the nobility of the Feuding Kingdoms, who pay extravagant prices for baby litendrages from Hastis. Few of the people of Hastis would willingly sell a litendrage. however, and only the most underhanded and cunning nobles can manage to procure one. While some have tried to breed southern litendrages to sell, the colder climate seems unfriendly to their young, and many of these litendrages did not give birth, or gave birth to young who died soon afterwards.

Basic Information


A Litendrage is a small creature that resembles a dragon; four-legged, two-winged, and covered in smooth scales. These scales change color with their environment; litendrages in the warmer north are said to have blue or violet scales, but most found in Hastis have green scales, and those brought even further south are orange or red. They have a long tail used for balance, about one-quarter of their body length, and many sharp fangs. However, they cannot breathe fire or any other element, and are much smaller than true dragons.   Litendrages are about the size of a large housecat, and are often compared to them in behavior as well. They are not carnivores, eating only fresh fruit and leaves, but spend much of their time eating or sleeping, and usually have a playful personality. When threatened, a litendrage will hiss and growl, placing itself into a position to spring. If it is still threatened, it leaps forward, sinks its fangs into the aggressor, and flees. These fangs deliver a weak toxin that causes the affected creature to become drowsy or even fall unconscious for up to an hour.

Genetics and Reproduction

Litendrages mate for life, and have a gestation period of about five months. The mother typically gives live birth to 2-4 babies at once.

Growth Rate & Stages

A young litendrage grows quickly, reaching its adult size in about eighteen months, but slowly continues to grow its entire life. If it is brought into a different climate than the one in which it was born, its scales will slowly change color, tending towards red scales in colder climates and blue or violet scales in warm climates.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Native to the far north, but common in the northeastern lands of Hastis.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Litendrages have exceptionally sharp eyesight, and can spot tiny objects at great distances, especially if the object is red or orange.
75 years
Average Height
~10 in
Average Weight
10.5 lbs.
Average Length
20 in (without tail)

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