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Imbet is a team sport extremely popular among Axish soldiers. It may be able to claim the title of "most popular sport in Aressa," just edging out its Arcadian counterpart of Tarata.


Imbet was adapted from a board game called Havoc, also very popular with Axish soldiers, about twenty years ago. It began as a way for soldiers to pass the time when posted to the Carwold, but soon became popular among strong folk of all backgrounds, even with many nobles (although few would ever play the game, they love to spectate and bet on the outcome).


Imbet is played by two teams of six, on a level, square field which typically measures 48 feet on a side and is marked off by ropes attached to posts. To begin, each team lines up on opposing sides of the field, standing behind the ropes. A bucket and a small ball made of animal skin are also placed behind the ropes on each side.   When the game begins, both teams leap over the ropes onto the field and charge forwards, attempting to bypass their opponents and reach the other side of the field. Any movement is considered legal, as long as the player remains within the field until he reaches the other side. When a player reaches the opposite end of the field, he jumps or rolls under the rope and shouts "Imbet!", at which point the other team cannot interfere with him directly. He then picks up the bucket.   His team picks up the ball from behind their rope and attempts to get the ball across the field and into the bucket. This takes great skill, as the opposing team will vigorously attempt to block the ball-carrier, and, should they pick up the other team’s ball, they can score a point with it themselves if they carry it back down the field. When one team scores with the ball, they earn a point, and the field is reset.   The number of points required to win varies. Casual games of Imbet, such as among workers and children, are typically played to three points. The record is a marathon game that ended at seventy-nine points and took four days to complete. Imbet is a dangerous sport, and often results in injuries due to the violence sometimes used in blocking or charging through the opponents.

Components and tools

Ropes and stakes are used to mark off the field, and each team has a bucket and a ball which are used for scoring.


There is no particular distinction between players, beyond that they should be capable of passing the opponent's defense. A team has six players.


Imbet is rarely played on a fixed schedule, rather being played among soldiers whenever there is a lull in the battle, or among children and workers whenever an opportunity arises.

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