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Five Mile Inn

Five Mile Inn sits at the edge of the town of Fairhope, five miles out along the main road from the port town of Dunnhaven. While the Six Mile Inn on the opposite end of town in more popular with the locals, Five Mile Inn caters primarily to travelers on the road and those looking for more affordable or possibly safer housing than they might find in the city proper.
  Five Mile Inn is run by a middle-aged half-orc woman named Mabel; her sister Maud runs the Six Mile Inn on the other end of town. Mabel lives on site and generally tends bar herself. She has a small but regular staff who help to maintain the property and care for the guests.

The Property

  Five Mile Inn is a two-story wooden building with a stable, a garden, and a small orchard out back of the property. The ground floor is a bar and open dining room with a small stage along one wall for performers. The kitchens, back office, and storerooms are also on this floor, along with access to the cellar storage. The upstairs is entirely guest rooms of various sizes, clean and functional, but nothing fancy. There are a couple communal toilets on each floor, although these are little more than a raised seat over a hole in the floor, which empties into a compost heap.
  The dining room is well-lit, with a number of lanterns around the walls and hanging from the rafters. The ceiling is not particularly high, given that there is a second floor, but the lighting and open floor plan give the illusion of a spacious interior, while still allowing some dark corner tables for more private folks to lurk at. Tables themselves are made of wood and bolted to the floor, with sturdy wooden benches instead of chairs. A solid wooden bar runs almost the entire length of the right-hand side from the door, with an entrance to the kitchens and back rooms also along that wall. The common areas are sparsely but tastefully decorated with metal finishings on the bar stools and lantern sconces and fresh wild flowers or bouquets of grasses or berries placed around the room when the season is right. The upstairs rooms are decorated in a similar clean but simple style, with fresh bed linens and gingham curtains on the windows.
Five Mile Inn First Floor



  While the staff may not think to mention it at first, there are rumors that a number of travelers have gone missing recently while passing through Fairhope. No one in the town of Fairhope itself seems to give much credence to these rumors, and no local residents have been reported missing. Nonetheless, Dunnhaven officials may point those looking for any of the missing travelers towards Five Mile Inn as a good starting point. If asked directly, Mabel can confirm that a number of these people - mostly men - visited her inn on their way in or out of Dunnhaven. This is not particularly notable, since most folks on the road to or from the city stop in at the Five Mile Inn for a drink, even if they don't stay the night. Mabel wishes to make clear that while many of her patrons never return to the inn after their initial visit, this is no reflection on her hospitality or the quality of her establishment! Especially over the past couple years, there have been many guests who leave in the middle of the night and never return or don't even stay in the room they booked, and Mabel has started demanding money up front, especially on busy nights. While frustrated by the lack of repeat customers, Mabel blames it on the urgency with which so many travelers seem to operate now, especially those with business dealings around Dunnhaven.



Lavinia the barmaid is an attractive, dark-haired human in her mid-twenties. She is very charming and friendly towards new customers, especially men, and will sometimes slip you an extra drink "on the house" when she thinks Mabel isn't looking. Lavinia also works some nights at the Six Mile Inn down the road, but most of her time is spent at Mabel's establishment. Although Lavinia is hesitant to talk about herself and would much rather hear stories from travelers and guests, patrons can learn from Mabel that Lavinia lost her whole family a few years back when her abusive father murdered her mother and two sisters, apparently in a drunken rage. Since that time, Lavinia has been working for Mabel and Maud and prefers to socialize with folks from out of town, many of whom will never come back this way again.  


Ned runs the stables and helps out with odd jobs around the property. He is a young human man with broad shoulders and has likely spent much of his life doing manual labor, but he can sometimes be found serving tables in the dining room, especially on nights when Lavinia is gone. Ned can be a bit awkward, but he is polite and helpful with guests and he cleans up well. Rumors amoung the staff and regulars suggest that Mabel may be training Ned as her assistant manager. If asked about himself, Ned is a bit shy and self-effacing but more than willing to talk. He grew up in Fairhope working on his uncle's farm until the farm was sold off a few years back and he came to work for Mabel instead. Ned has known Mabel since he was a child and speaks very highly of her. His strong work ethic makes it clear why Mabel might be grooming him as her successor, although Ned himself seems unaware of that fact.

Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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