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Sky Whales

Young Sky Whales were once used as a beast of burden, but ships long ago replaced them as the dominant mode of transportation. They are exceptionally friendly creatures, and were easily domesticated in the past. Massive, ancient Sky Whales still move freely between the floating continents of Isso, occasionally coming close to ships, perhaps mistaking small vessels for young of their own kind.

Basic Information


The Sky Whales of Isso closely resemble the floating continents of the planet itself, with a variety of flora and fauna growing on their backs. The creatures look like a like an ocean whale flattened out with a rolling pin into something vaguely shaped like a manta ray, but with the tough, plated back of a turtle. The massive creatures, like the continents, remain afloat by drifting on currents of magic rising up from the planet's magic core.   On some of the most ancient Sky Whales, unique ecosystems live entirely on their backs. Some species exist that are adapted exclusively to the unique environment of a single whale's back.

Growth Rate & Stages

Newborn Sky Whales are about the length of a bus, and grow slowly. The young do not leave their mother's side for nearly a decade, when they are about the length of a football field. Despite the slow growth rate, they can reach incredible sizes as they continue growing for the entirety of their very long lives.

Additional Information


In the past, Sky Whales were domesticated and used as beasts of burden. The creatures are naturally very friendly and slow enough to keep cargo safely on their backs, making them useful for transportation between the floating continents of Isso. Over time, modern ships replaced Sky Whales as the dominant mode of transport. Today there are still a handful of Sky Whale breeders as well as a number of tour companies that offer tours on the back of great Sky Whales.

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