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Dragonborn are draconic humanoids descended from the now-extinct dragons. They are proficient with base elemental magic, but struggle with other types.  



When dragons were becoming extinct, they traveled to the Forested Isle, seeking to escape into another plane. However, their draconic bodies could not fit within the tower, so they were forced to shapeshift into humans. They were safe, but found they could not change back. The offspring, however, retained the draconic blood, and with human stature they became dragonborn.  

The Scattering (Dreifandi)

The dragonborn discovered that the tower connected all the planes, and so they split into two, going up and down the winding, endless stairs. The dragons settled in the planes they found, their elemental natures quickly attuning to the environment. This led their draconic-humanoid physicalities to adapt, splitting them further from their planal brethren. Some of these are known as demons or angels to those on the Material Plane.   Over time, through various means, dragonborn returned to the Material Plane, recovering their traditional draconic features. These are what most Arcasinians know as dragonborn.  

The Uniting (Samina)

Despite the dragonborn being scattered across Arcasai, a Material Plane dragonborn known as Drekakón sought to unite them once again. Drekakón saw how his race was treated: as freaks, as exotic curios to own and flaunt. So he traveled across Arcasai, spreading words of pride, courage and self-worth. This became a movement, and after a long-fought battle for independence, dragonborn became a recognised race of Arcasai.  


Aquatic Enemies

Due to the long history of dragons being killed by sea serpents, dragonborn have an instinctive fear of the ocean. Dragonborn, ever prideful, often try to conceal this fear.  

Prideful Personalities

Dragonborn are instilled with pride, either by the teachings of Drekakón, or the inherent knowledge of their glorious history, as seen in dragonborn of other planes.  

Elemental Affinity

Dragonborn are extremely attuned to their environment, and often develop features according to those surroundings.  

Unique Traits

Material Plane

Dragonborn on this plane have relatively dull scale colouring, and are the most well known image of dragonborn. They have access to the prime elemental breath weapons of their predecessors. Being the only dragonborn species without wings or tail, and very rarely with horns, Material Plane dragonborn are simultaneously the closest and the furthest from their dragon ancestors.  


Dragonborn of the Underdark have slate-coloured scales and blind-white eyes. Their breath weapon of Darkness does not faze them, as they have developed enhanced tremorsense to acclimate to their plane. While not necessarily evil, these dragonborn are quick to aggression and distrust.  


Dragonborn from the feywild have intensely bright colours to match their Euphoria Gas breath weapons. Some may grow branching horns like draconic antlers, or have an aurora-like radiance. These dragonborn are more mischievous and playful, inherited by the chaotically beautiful nature of the Feywild.  


The dragonborn native to this plane have a unique bio-luminescent glow to their scales, often in patterns or patches. They commonly have three colours, but it is not hard to find those with more or less. Their breath weapon is the multi-coloured Chaos Bolt or Prismatic Spray. Dragonborn of this plane, while as playful as their counterparts, tend to be more violent with their pranks.  


In this gloomy plane, dragonborn have become ethereally translucent and nightmarish. Their breath weapon sucks the life from those who are unlucky enough to be caught within it. Their composition also allows them to blend into shadow and move within it. These dragonborn are secretive and prefer to remain distant, but will attack if provoked, or an opportunity is presented.  

Nine Hells

It is not commonly known, but some of the devils that exist within the Nine Hells are dragonborn. The ones that possess horns and wings are such devils. The appearance of the dragonborn changed the Nine Hells fundamentally, as the environment encouraged them to enslave the weaker races and rule over them. However, the dragonborn didn't venture much farther past the first layer, Bel.  

Celestial Plane Coming Soon


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