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Arc - Tus

Mondas 6th of Clearsky, 26 AE

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The world of Arc - Tus is one that has been defined by two things: war, and the blood that flows from it. Magic flows freely as a result of the wars between titanic forces that gave birth to this world, and from that, sprawling kingdoms, empires and proud nations have risen and fallen to the low song of the drums in what appears to be a never-ending cycle of endings and beginnings.

In its current state, events happen because the powerful will them to happen, them who wear crowns and speak of leading their people into eternal victory and glory everlasting. Countless faceless and nameless have fallen to pave the way for those who live today, yet on one side of the world this tide of corpses is in no rush to stop.

However, the murder of an almost messianic figure by an unseen enemy sets in motion a series of events the like of which haven't existed outside of legends and tales, and an unlikely alliance born from it might just be the necessary ingredient to stop this impending change.

Not many people who use magic in Arc - Tus stop to consider its true origin, or the possible repercussions of using it so liberally. When the Weave sings and ancient powers rise, the world shall know the end of its last cycle.

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