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Acturus Albani

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Night of the Raging Star

Lyra's Last Sigh

Hile, strangers. My name is Acturus Albani, and I have been chosen as the Voice for those who need their Telling, the Memory of those who have forgotten. In these walls, you will find the knowledge of several thousand years worth of history coming from all manner of places. My specialty lies in Ar'Nuh√Ľnian and Ni'Helian history, however, so I'll be sure to bore you with a long list of fascinating details that have long faded from memory.   Oblivion erodes even the grandest of libraries, does away with the brightest of minds and alters even the most grandiose of events. It would be a slight on the memories of those who made these stories possible, those who made the air around you breathable, that this remains this way. So I have embarked on the daunting task of compiling the entirety of their works and feats and achievements. The surviving documents have been transcribed here with no poetic licence on behalf of this underqualified aoidos. Those that survive, that is.   Legends cannot die. They meet a far worse fate. They are forgotten. It is time for a new age of legend to begin.

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