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Sacred Magic Oases

Throughout the land, there are several Oases; each tribe has its own, corresponding to their element. These places are considered sacred and are flowing with a presence of magic, each powered by a connection to the Mother Tree. Arbadans can come here to meditate or to find themselves. Large cities tend to have smaller versions of them near the city center, but usually more for focus and calm than for spiritual awakening.  

Etherian Sacred Reflecting Pool

The Etherians' Sacred Oasis is a large reflecting pool in the outskirts of the capital city. About 110 meters in diameter, the water is crystal clear and is almost a perfect mirror of the sky above. During the day, the clouds can be seen in perfect clarity, but the real beauty comes at night when the stars and heavenly lights seem to sit just within reach on the calm water. Etherians can sit at the edge observing the lights, or take the occasional canoe to the center, immersing themselves in the majesty of the heavens.  

Aguellian Sacred Watercliff

The Aguellians' Sacred Oasis is a colossal underwater cliffside, farther into the ocean past the rest of Aguellian civilization. The rocky cliffs extend from the bottom of the shadowed ocean depths to near the surface of the water, almost 6 miles of water. Standing on the top of the cliffs, Aguellians can feel the ocean currents swirling around their waists and the winds billowing across the surface. Sitting under the water, the darkened depths of the sea are visible past the edge of the cliff, which itself is illuminated by light filtered through the rippling surface.  

Terellian Sacred Fields

The Terellian's Sacred Oasis is a vast field near the center of the tribe's territory, with civilization circling it in a large ring. Lush hills roll smoothly over the plains, with soft grass and fertile earth dotted with wildflowers and other kinds of wild crops. The air constantly carries the invigorating scents of the fresh greenery, and the sun's beams softly warm the earth, making it a peaceful spot for Terellian meditation. It is a common practice in the fields for Terellians to pick the wildflowers or harvest the naturally growing crops, but it is a rule well known that for whatever you take, you must give something back.  

The Sacred Oasis of the East

As the nature and magic of the Eastern people have been lost, so has the knowledge of their Oasis. There are many rumors and legends of where the Easterners may meditate or what they may mediate on, but for the most part, it is purely speculation. A popular theory is the existence of vast sand dunes, much like the Terellian fields, although there is no evidence to back this up. There are others who imagine tall mesa cliffs that reach towards the sky, or deep underground caverns that dig down to the bedrock of the earth, but nobody knows for sure. Like much of Eastern lore, the knowledge is shrouded in mystery.  

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