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Like most great fantasies, Arbadis is filled with magic. Once populated with many mages, who revered the magic as the driving force in their lives, they are now becoming few are far between. As their philosophies and ways of celebrating their magic differed, they could not reconcile their differences and split into four factions.   In the North, there are the Etherians. They believe in the power and majesty of the heavens. As a studious people. they value education and surround themselves with books. They thrive studying the sciences and the cosmos and how it all works together like clockwork. Their philosophy is that magic is something that must be worked at and sought after; their magic focus is the mind.   In the West, there are the Aguellians. They believe in the power and freedom of the ocean and air. As open people, they value art and surround themselves with creativity. They thrive expressing themselves, through adornments, paintings, writings, or music. Their philosophy is that magic is all around us, and penetrates everything, much like the water or the atmosphere, and does not need to be sought after. All we have to do is just breathe it in, and absorb it; their magical focus is the breath.   In the South, there dwell the Terellians. They believe in the power and might of the earth and fire. As a folksy people, they value hard work and surround themselves with agriculture. They thrive taking care of nature. Their philosophy is that magic is near us, and all we must do is hold it close to our hearts, and engrain it in our very souls; their magic focus is the heart.   In the East, there is only a wasteland. There once was a thriving people, but their name and magic have been lost to time. All that remains are the stories of a land and people devoid of magic. The heavens are blocked by dusty clouds, the air is dry as if there is none, and the ground has no life in it. It's an accursed place, where none dare go.   The best mages of the three remaining factions must travel to the Tricentrum, the place where all the nations meet. The people of the East wish to cut down the Mother Tree, a sacred place where all the magic of the factions meet together as one. The mages must stop them. No matter the cost.

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