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The publishing company of "Spiral Cloud Publishing" is an incorporated Creative Cloud which was originally established to allow Borealian citizens to self-publish videos and writing into the Borealian Intranet.   Spiral Cloud was founded in 1645 GE as a way to allocate content into the form of a weekly digest, featuring various creators. It received special social credit allocation from the Council of Faculties of Borealis and uses this credit pool to employ people looking to fulfill their social quotas, which are a requirement for advancement in most faculties.   The faculties, of course, are university faculties, since Borealis is one gargantuan university city.  

A Head In the Clouds

Since the Declaration of Existential Independence in 25 GE, nearly 17 centuries ago, applied magic research, technamagic research, and the practice of magic of any kind has been both illegal and more or less impossible in Borealis, the latter thanks to their permanently active industrial strength DVF suppressors.   The incredible machines completely normalize the base De Vries Field of the Great Clockwork and any person within their area of influence, an area covering the entirety of Borealis and a good stretch beyond its city limits, nullifying magic as effectively or perhaps even more so than the magic of the Null.   This is the reason the public has romanticized the idea of magic ever more intensely over the course of the past centuries, and it has lead to a steady rise in popularity for fantasy writing and historic fiction dealing with anything from the Old World to the beginning of the Age of Gears and Elements.   Short stories and novels of mighty mages and their exploits have ever garnered the favor and captured the hearts and minds of the citizens of Borealis, and as such, Spiral Cloud Publishing has aimed to provide, scanning through the vast Creative Cloud of Borealis and featuring works primarily from these genres that deal with magic, historic events, and the daily lives of the backward people of the Corsic Ocean and the Great Land. There even have been regular waves of Nordic fiction, romanticizing the "barbaric" tribes of the High North and their savage gods.  

Get Your Content

Spiral Cloud Publishing is cleared for pushing their publications into public data access terminals. Here, citizens can quickly assimilate the newest creative digests from SCP using one of the currently popular methods of fast machine-human information transfer:


Fast Cognitive Transfer relies on the use of Field-of-View Optimized Occularies (FO²). When a citizen puts on the eye pieces at a local public data access terminal, a fast stream of images, specifically text pages, will be broadcast to their eyes, using eye-movement tracking software and special field-of-view optimization to very quickly present the entirety of the to-be-transferred content to the recipient. Thanks to Borealis's mandatory gene editing policy, each citizen has a highly efficient eidetic memory and once the pages have been seen, the recipient can mentally digest (i.e. read via remembering how they look) them at their leisure.


EADI is a Enzyme Accelerated Data Injection, which encodes the to-be-transferred information in genetic memory to be added to the recipient's information bladder, an organ that every Borealian possesses thanks to the mandatory gene editing policy of the city. The amount of space required is usually minuscule due to the high compression rate and information density of genetic code, so the injection is quick and painless, and special messenger enzymes speed up the encoding process significantly, meaning the new content can be accessed via the recipient's information bladder within minutes.   People will often be seen next to public data access terminals with blank stares just after the newest SCP digest has been released, a side-effect of accessing one's information bladder, since memory decoding from the genetic storage is far slower albeit more reliably accurate than cerebral memory.   The satirical comparison to mindless drones or automatons of these people, enjoying their content, has been made by many contemporary comedians and satirists in Borealis. However, the Public Health and Safety Commission has noted that the same jokes and critiques have resurfaced periodically whenever new information technology has become widespread in Borealis's past.

Better than Actual Magic.

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Spiral Cloud Publishing
Literary Allocation Zone

1703 GE Most Downloaded Publication

Jack Kannushi - The Mandala Painter.jpg
The second installment in Jack Kannushi's "Ink War" trilogy.   After the events in "The Margrave's Favor", the supply and secrets of spell ink and nubium seem to be safe in Aerialis once again, until Tasmia discovers that the Black Feathers had merely been pawns of the dangerous Yamato Black Market.   To find information about the dangerous and illegal practice of spell ink tattoos in Yamaseki's Uramachi, the dark under-city of the bright Yamato Capital, she has to seek out a very particular man. But is the mandala painter a friend or a foe? Find out in this thrilling crime drama, filled with magic and fantastic imagery, drawing you into the intricate world of Middlish mandala painting and alchemy.
— Spiral Cloud 32nd Digest of 1703 GE


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5 Feb, 2019 21:41

What sort of writing style and feel are you going for? I very much find the concepts interesting, but personally I feel like the contents could be a bit more narrative. However, I recognize that that is my own personal preference. I would suggest however that you break up some of the writing in sentences to make it flow of it better.. some of these sentences tend to drag on for a bit. Breaking some sentences into smaller pieces might help with that.   Are there any sort of limits placed on what citizens can check out of the company? Are certain bits of content band? Is censorship enforced in the company? What is the overall view of the company in the public eye?

5 Feb, 2019 21:58

Thanks for the comment!   Since this is a relatively short lore article, I have opted for the lexical writing style I generally keep for these kinds of articles. Rather than interspersing it with narrative parts, I instead chose to set the tone with an example synopsis in the sidebar.   I'd be grateful, if you could point out, which sentences are difficult for you to read.   Citizens may check out any amount of content, and in principle anything that does not fall within the sphere of national security is free to be published. There is no direct censorship being handled by the company, but there are a variety of boards that have to deal with the Creative Cloud and its content, making sure that mature content is properly labeled and such.   As for the public view: I have no information on that yet.

6 Feb, 2019 05:32

I am sorry but do your headers freaking move with my mouse over them?! I am sorry but slay me silly and call me Susan, that's freaking awesome. I legit can't stop playing with it. Oh, they also slowly rotate while not having my cursor over them. This has to be my favorite thing I have ever seen.   Honestly, it's hard to find a hard-hitting question about this. Though my question is, do these methods of getting information from the company has any side effects or warning labels?   My only issue is the side thing that stays at the bottom of my screen when scrolling. It covers the first few words of bottom two rows on my screen. Personally, I read from the top of the page all the way and it really just mildly irked me that I had to scroll more to finish off what I was reading. I could get you a screen of what I am talking about if you would like.

6 Feb, 2019 10:48

I'm not sure what you mean, so I would really appreciate a screenshot ^-^   Thank you for your comment, I am glad you like my headers. I like playing with those too <3 The methods of "downloading" the content are harmless and thoroughly tested. The genome of Borealis citizens was adjusted over a long period of time to include eidetic memory and a memory bladder, and these are well-researched methods of getting optimum use out of either method of memory retention.

6 Feb, 2019 16:42

https://imgur.com/IaCk3Ga   Here you go.

6 Feb, 2019 18:39

Thank you! In the way I want to present my world, I am a bit limited in what I can't and cannot do, and your screen doesn't seem to be very wide. whether you are viewing the site on a mobile device or a 4:3 screen perhaps, I hope it works better for you now ^-^

6 Feb, 2019 18:52

I just took a little snip and apparently my comment cut itself? >.> Cause I said I just took a snipe of the offending corner. xD My screen resolution is 1920X1080. But that actually looks better than the way you had it. and the pop up bigger when you mouse over it. Even neater.

6 Feb, 2019 18:53

Glad you like it this way ^-^ I thought it could use a little streamlining anyways, so thanks for getting me off my ass on that <3

6 Feb, 2019 06:01

Sooo this was hard for me. Still don't know much about the world so I had to kind of stop for a sec and go back a few times. Lot of terms in need of knowing buttt I really liked the concept...also I still can't get over these headers man....amazing.   Didn't notice much in the way of grammar or spelling.   My favorite thing here is that this is...what's the word...I don't want to say pointless or silly...those are not the right words...a minute detail that so few would think about. It isn't needed but at the same time it is. This doesn't just talk about scoencu and magical stuff in the world. This is kind of the yoitube of your world. This is where creators to come to show off. It becomes a cultural phenomenon and shows alot of how the normal everyday folk are in your world. I've yet to really see that here often on WA.   my question is something I may have missed or misunderstood but km curious how the government who considers magic illegal feels about the growing romantic notions of fantasy and magic? Why do they allow it? They don't have to be a dictatorship to suppress. How did this happen?

6 Feb, 2019 10:44

Thanks for commenting <3   Now, first of all, you have to understand that Borealis is a fringe society on Aqualon. They live in absolute isolation at the South Pole, and magic is impossible throughout the city, because they have their industrial strength DVF inhibitors pumping out a suppression field nonstop.   Their society isn't dystopian or anything, the people there have an amazing quality of life, and scientific research and philosophic thought are valued extremely highly there.   People are not "forbidden" from using magic, it is just not possible within the city limits. The thing that has been outlawed is applied magic and technamagic research, so the use of magic in experimental science. "Magic" is still a field of scientific research that is practiced in Borealis, and if someone were to truly want to use magic, they could always do so outside the city.   Now, getting out of the city isn't as easy as a walk in the park, because they are literally located at the tip of the South Pole, plus there are frequent electromagnetic storms, so radiation can be an issue. However, there is a certain social duty everyone has and throughout their life they will be required to complete certain "social terms" (as in time periods) where they do less scientific work, since that is the most popular work on Borealis. This can involve practical engineering, as in maintaining the city, working in the hydroponic caves below the city, or on board a cloud runner, which is a type of flying ship they use to surveil the rest of the world (among other things). The last part is one way of getting out of the city, but there are others too. Like tour groups, or special dispensations.   People studying magic often get special dispensation to spend a year or two abroad at a Middlish Magus Academy.

6 Feb, 2019 14:46

No problem at all. Ok so that would make sense. I'll read up on the location next I think. :) sounds interesting

6 Feb, 2019 14:47

Also I love how confident your answers are. it always see like your responses are part of the world building process either adding new info or connecting info. I should try that at some point.

6 Feb, 2019 15:22

They are. In fact, when I make extensive replies like these, I turn them into daily facts on the Aqualon Discord to archive the world building as starting points for short stories and lore articles.   As for the location: Sorry, this article is the very first official article revealing anything about Borealis xD It's actually quite a big deal, as I have deliberately been very vague about the city so far, seeing how it is the goal of the mainest character of the novel to get there.

6 Feb, 2019 16:22

Oooooo I'm excited then. looking forward to it! I'll find a different one then. :)

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