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Though a seemingly innocuous metal just by touch, veilum is something of a physical and magical marvel on Anristar. It is scarcely found but wildly valuable in some circles, making it highly desired, especially by wizards, priests, and supervillains. Also simply called Ghost Ore or Ghost Metal, veilum is unique in that it is able to be manipulated normally by both beings on the material as well as ghosts and beings on the astral plane. Normally, ghosts and immaterial beings can only pass through matter, possibly changing its temperature and causing electrical interference, but not being able to pick up and physically move objects. Extremely strong ghosts have been seen to be able to throw or move objects in clumsy and unpolished ways, but never able to accomplish anything that requires fine dexterity without some other sort of powers or assistance. Veilum, named after its ability to seemingly breach 'the veil' separating the realms of the material and otherwise, has been found to effect and and be affected by ghosts the same as it is by material beings. It can be held and manipulated in all the same ways, interacting with ghosts just as it would as if they had substance and flesh.   This ability, called 'ghosttouch' by some magic users, has given this rare metal incredible worth to many who find themselves interacting with ghosts, or are themselves ghosts. Many seek to craft weapons out of it to use either to fight ghosts or to fight as ghosts, making it common for it to be turned into knives, swords, gauntlets, staves, and the tips of bolts and arrows. Recently, it has been found to work with some sets of superpowers having to do with incorporeality and intangibility, and there have been designs put forth for it to possibly be turned into guns or bullets of some kind and even handcuffs, though the expense that samples of the material carry has, as far as is known, kept these things plans and patents for now.   Some myths and rumors have said that Veilum has certain special effects on other undead or supernatural types of creatures, but there hasn't been enough evidence for these claims to have any solid proof or descriptions of them yet.


Material Characteristics

It is a grey metal, described to be more smoke or lead colored. In its natural form it tends to be rough and granular, but after being purified and worked it turns into smooth and reflective dark grey metal. It's said that it's in fact much easier to see the reflections of ghosts in the metal than in any other kind of surface.

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