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The White Skeew

A shimmering white bird with a long azure tail. Some speceis have a flecked face, making them appear to wear masks, but the pristine white ones are prefered amongst the nobility that buys the creatures. The bird is rare since it's very, very clever. It picks locks and can sense malicious intent. It also doesn't care for captivity

Additional Information


The species is relatively new to human interaction and not domesticated. Birds are removed from their natural habitat and sold by sailors. The birds are poorly adapted to human society, costing them years of their natural lifespan.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

  • Usually kept for company. Mostly by nobles who appreciate the birds beauty ofer it's character.
  • Kept for valuable insights (or stolen?) by thieves, business sharks and hustlers. 'You wanna join my gang? let's see what The Bird has to say about you...'
  • Facial characteristics

    Beady eyes that take in very detail of the surrounding.

    Geographic Origin and Distribution

    Native to a smaller island further of the Andronian coast, mostly due to it's tropical climate and being relatively undisturbed by humans.

    Average Intelligence

    Very, very inteligent. The can open doors, pick locks, solve puzzles and is very playful. It can also detect malicious intent in humans and other creatures, making it not only a favorite pet to nobles, but also to thieves and hustlers. The birds can tell you wether your business partner is honest withyou or not. The species can become a handful when the bird becomes bored and decides it likes to prank you. (Again, it really does not care for confinement) there will be no end to the ammount of cleverly constructed traps it can lay out for you. Examples:
  • Open doors that you want closed, close doors that you want opened.
  • Raiding the pantry and destroying all evidence, leaving only an empty pantry and not. a. single. crumb. left.
  • Redistributing said crumbs in the dog bed, pinning the crime on him.
  • immitating voices of debitors or step-family
  • you get the gist. clever bird.
    In their natural enviroment they can live up to 30 years. In captivity most don't see their second year. This due to poor diets, lacking mental stimulation and the birds natural hatred towards confined spaces and captivity.
    Average Height
    Young birds are round 20 cm, but the older ones can grow up to a staggering 50 cm in height!
    Average Weight
    1 up to 5 kilos
    Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
    Pristine white bird with an often long azure tuft on it's head and long tailfeathers in the same brillliant blue. Some species have blask flecks in their face making them look as if they were wearing masks.

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