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Teutonic Standard Regimental Infantry

The main force of the Teutonic military is built on it's infantry, arguably the most disciplined military force in the human world. They operate in units together, as opposed to individual warriors. Trained to keep formation and work as a team rather than to divulge into their own separate warriors. Their primary focus is defense, working together to form nigh-impenetrable shield walls, from which well trained archers rain fire down upon the enemy.   They move as one, they work as one, but that is not to say they cannot disband into individual persons in combat, as often they are forced to by the nature of war.   The Military Ranks are fairly standard, including:   Regular: The standard soldier, average in all means, the lowest tier in the military. Formed into Squads.   Sergeant: Squad leader, leading 10 Regulars. Usually promoted for skill at arms or command talent. 10 Squads to a company   Major: Company leader, commanding 100 men, 90 regulars and their 10 sergeants.Usually promoted for command talent, but occasionally for skill at arms. 5 Companies form a Battalion   Captain: Battalion leader, promoted entirely for command talent. They command roughly 500 men, and are third in the rank of command. 4 Battalions form a Regiment.   Commander: Regiment leader, second in command only to the Generals and the Ruler of the Land themself. Commanding over 2000 men, they are usually put in charge of castles along the edge of the wastes. Each Commander is a proven leader, strategist and warrior.   General: Each General commands roughly 5 regiments, as while there are over 100,000 men in the Teutonic Army, there are only roughly 7-8 Generals at a time usually, as by the time a man reaches the rank of General, he is of an age where fighting is usually beyond him. Generals are usually the Army's greatest command talent. Generals usually reside in one of the three Great Cities, else they are traveling to inspect the Border Castles, or when War is afoot, they march at the head of the army, ready to command the great armies under them into victory or defeat.






The Teutonic Military is comprised roughly half of volunteers and the rest of conscripted men, usually taken from prisons or the streets. Those unemployed or in lowly places are usually conscripted as they pose little use elsewhere, where as a soldier they may at least fight for their nation. Prisoners conscripted are screened first, and usually only those convicted of minor crimes are offered positions as regulars without the chance for promotion beyond sergeant.   Many prisoners choose the military life over serving their sentence, for Teutonic prisons are regarded as the worst of all known lands.

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