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Teutonica is one of the oldest Kingdoms in Anacharia, founded in the ninth century after the war, it is the Southernmost Kingdom in the land. Founded by Leonard Walshia, it grew rapidly under him and his sons, expanding into the greatest human power in the south.   The King of Teutonica reigns, but unlike most other nations he is chosen, rather than born into the role. Any noble house may raise a Son to rule, and bring him forth when the Old King dies or retires, proclaiming him a prospect. It is then up to the noble houses to vote for each prospect. To avoid bias, they may vote for any candidate bar their own.


The King oversees the Noble Houses who then oversee the commoners. Scattered among these three layers of hierarchy are many sub-classes, Knights, Elected Officials, Military Officers and more.


The Kingdom of Teutonic is the mightiest in the land. While the land-locked state has no formal Navy, it's army of heavily trained and armored footsoldiers excel in every aspect. Boasting an army numbering in the tens of thousands, they are the primary defense against any further Orcish incursion.   To further this goal, the three great cities that lay on the edge of Teutonica are defended by walls so thick no siege weapon could break them down in a hundred days. Between these three great cities, connecting them all, lays The Bastion. A triangular ring of walls of equal strength. It is these walls that defend the lands inside them, vast hills and roaming plains. If needed, Teutonica could cut itself off entirely from the world, and hide behind the strength of it's mammoth defenses.

Strength, Honor, Unity

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Empire, The Walled Land, the Southern Stronghold.

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