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The Jook

The Jook is the religious text of Jean. Revered by those who worship Her, the Jook is said to contain Her words and wishes for Her followers.


The Jook aims to inform followers of Jean on how to live their lives and interact with the world around them. It also instructs them how to dress, with a weekly fashion roster and extra-special fold out poster that depicts the religious clothing to be won on holidays.

Document Structure


The Jook has 12 main clauses:
  1. How to dress
  2. How to treat others
  3. How to make your own denim
  4. How to conduct yourself around cotton plants
  5. How to celebrate Jean
  6. How to bind your own personal Jook Journal
  7. How to interact with the Jook
  8. How to convert others to denim and then Jean
  9. How to wash and care for jeans
  10. How to become a Jeanie
  11. How to appropriately speak of denim
  12. How to burn Jeggings successfully


If one breaks a rule of Jean, they are stripped of all denim and forced into jeggings.

Publication Status

The Jook is very accessible, with many members making their own and transcribing the text across. It is available in most book stores as well.

Legal status

The document in a holy text, and is treated as a cult item. It is legal to follow any deity in Ammaran, and the cult of Jean is one of the less weird ones.

Historical Details


The cult of Jean was a fairly small and inconsequential one for most of history, until Jenson Jorts popularised it with his rise to power in the Tarrat Towers.

Public Reaction

The public has grown to appreciate the wacky characters that follow Jean, although many still hold to the traditionalist view that religion should be a solemn and serious undertaking, not a fun and raucous get-together like the Jeanies favour.
Text, Religious

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