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Vremee Gidzim

Played by Blix

Vremee Gidzim (a.k.a. radicalAspect)

She is usually a loud and energetic girl and tries to be as cool as possible at all times. She really likes getting rowdy when she feels like it and can normally get pretty violent sometimes. Although if you get her embarrassed with mentioning stuff that she doesn't want to remember, she can get relatively shy in front of you. She absolutely loves to go skateboarding with other people and won't hesitate to risk something to impress them doing so. She is normally fairly friendly to the trolls or people around her unless they are rude, then she's rude to them back. She is secretly shy around people of higher authority and more intimidating than her and so acts a little quieter and softer than normal.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

She normally wears some sort of looking punk or lazily put together outfits only when she feels like it. She has colored eyes, both a different color (dark blue and purple) that are normally covered in glasses or facial accessories. She loves to wear sunglasses that have the flame details on the end of them, so you would normally see her with clothes that have flame details on them. She wears boots mostly all of the time with either spikes or flame decals on them as well. Her hairstyle she never really cares about but its hair up to her shoulders that she has decorated with stickers of her choice. She hates to paint her nails, but she has earrings that are the little colorful worms on a string that you buy at the store, yet she doesn't usually wear them though. Her elbows or her knees are usually scuffed up due to her being in fights often. Her horns are pretty basic, normal pointed horns on the top, and below the same pointed horns but faced downwards.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Growing up, she lived in a tough place and normally had to stay inside of her hive growing up to not get harmed in any way. She lived surrounded by other trolls in her childhood that taught her to act tougher and be more violent. One day when she was walking around, some Rustblood troll walked up to her and started to push her around and act like they were so much better than her. She got so mad at them that they got into a heated fight with each other and the other troll made a giant cut in the middle of her waist with their weapon. Due to that happening, she wasn't really able to move her hips or stomach around that much without it hurting. She was too scared to go outside of her hive for about two weeks because of her worrying that the same occurrence might happen to her again. But she quickly regained her courage to go back outside and do what she always does, mess around and meet new trolls for her to hang out with.


She is an unemployed troll that occasionally steals from places to get food or resources to keep herself in shape for the day. But usually she goes up to people's doors and asks if anything needs to be done so she can get herself something to buy food and such with.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Some of the skills that she has are being pretty skilled at skating or rollerblading. She's also pretty good at figuring out new things all by herself without any help from others. She is a trained fighter mostly because she lived in a rowdy place growing up and knows how to stand up for herself. She is not very skilled at reading though because she didn't have any books that she could read in her hive as a young troll.

Personality Characteristics


Her goals are to be a professional skateboarder (if that's even a thing) and for her to keep learning new things so that she can learn to master them as best as she can

Likes & Dislikes

Skateboarding, Rollerblading, Exploring new places, Loud places, Meeting new people or trolls, Lightning, Loud instruments, Wearing snazzy sunglasses or glasses, Standing out
People telling her what to do all the time, Sitting still, Being quiet, Quiet places, The cold, Rude people, Not having her face covered up with any accessory, Wearing fancy clothes, Fitting in with other trolls
8 sweeps (17 years old)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
Replaces all the first three letters of a sentence with capital letters, also replaces the letter S with a 5.
Her Lusus is a relatively large owl that is normally silent. It usually is very friendly towards other trolls/people but if you agitate it enough it gets pretty alarmed and grumpy and would normally alert you to back off, it's mad. It's very fluffy if you touch it and would take good care of you. It has some scars mostly because other things tried to attack it in the violent place that she lived in.
➠Original Planet
Thief of Space


In Person




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