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Park 1} Kaijin, Vremee, and Sertas

Kaijin played by Deku, Vremee played by Riley, and Sertas played by Jiro
Kaijin sat on a park bench, staring absentmindedly at whatever, thinking of whatever tough thing he was going to say to whoever dared approach him first. Of course, he was a scrawny kid, but he at least wanted to fool people into thinking he was older. 8 sweeps should do nicely. Kaijin sighed, and smiled proudly. He was gonna pull this off flawlessly.
Vremee was casually skating through the park when she spotted Kaijin sitting on the park bench. She wanted to make a good first impression at least, to make him think that she was cool. She skated over to him, looked at him sitting and asked "HEY DUDe, MINd IF I 5IT HERe?" She pointed to the space that was free on the bench. She was trying to make herself look as cool as possible in front of them, wearing her cool fire designed skates. She adjusted her glasses
enter Sertas. He was by a tree a bit behind the bench. He walked over, leaning on the bench in a nonchalant way. "Suuup" he said, eyeing the two from behind his bangs.[/container]
The rustblood jumped. He was unprepared for this much attention. Kaijin gathered himself, then spoke. "what, are you two UNDERCOVER COPS OR SOMETHING?"
Vremee laughed at the statement and re adjusted her leaning position on the bench. Then she looked him right in the eyes "NAH BRO, JU5 WONderin IF I COUld 5IT HERe DUDe" She chuckled again
He looked away, eyes closed. "Tch. Fine." Opening one eye, he glanced at Vremee. "As long as you don't mind me being a mutant."
"HAHa 5URe I DONt. DUNno WHAt WOUld BE 5O BAD ABOut THAt" She slumped down on the free space of the bench, crossing her legs "5O, WHAt5 POPpin HOMie?" She looks at him directly
im still here- Sertas walked around the bench, most benches can fit three people. i think. he sat down, putting an arm around Kaijin's shoulders. "aaa muuutaaant, huuuh?"[/container]
"Yeah." He tensed up at Sertas' touch. "A mutant. My sign is Cancer."
"THAt5 5UPer COOl DOG. MINe5 A GEMgo BUT NO ONE WANt5 TO PAY ATTention TO BORing 5TUff LIKe THAt AMIrite?" She gives Kaijin a little nudge on the shoulder, totally unaware that hes basically lying
"if youuure aaa muuutaaant whaaats uuup wewith the eyes, hm? looks aaa bit like ruuustbloods eyes to me. i wwwouuuld knowww." he noticed the other troll tense up and smirked a bit.[/container]
She then looks at the color of Kaijin's eyes "HEYyyy YEAhh I NEVer NOTiced THAt, WHAt5 UP WITh THAt?"
Kaijin huffed. "they're just a bIt DARK. THAT'S ALL." He crossed his arms. "i'm not a BORING RUSTBLOOD."
"Hm. suuure. i'm aaan oliveblood myself." he did that one thing mostly 2nd graders do on the school wall where you make the finger legs and the walk but to Kaijin's arm.[/container]
She crosses her arms "HAHa YEAhhhh, 5UReeee" She looks at him with a suspicious but joking look. She laughed to herself a little
The phony mutantblood straightened his posture. "what, don't BELIEVE ME?" He furrowed his eyebrows, looking ahead. Some of the paint had come off the bench, and he started picking at it.
"WELl, NOT REAlly KAIj. I5 IT OK IF I CALl YOU KAIj? YEAh IM CALlin YOU KAIj" She has now de focused her glance from the fake mutant blood to the cool flame patterns on her skates. Man, did she sure love these skates
"how did you know MY- OH. MY HOODIE." He glanced over his shoulder, as if he could see the bold red lettering on the back of his black hoodie.
Sertas studied Kaijin's hoodie closely. Then looked at the rest of his appearance. Meanwhile, not ceasing finger thing. "i suuuppose i belive youuu aaa bit. not muuuch, thouuugh."[/container]
Kaijin growled, though it sounded more like a groan in objection. "do you insist ON TOUCHING ME?" He did nothing to stop the contact, though.
She glances over to see the hoodie "YOOo THAt5 A PREtty 5WEet HOOdie KAIj. I LIKe IT. I AL5o KINda BELieve YOU NOW, I GUE55"
"it aaapeaaars i did. do youuu haaave aaa problem wwwith it?" Sertas ceased finger thing and his hand made his way to Kaijin's hair.[/container]
Vremee watched Sertas attentively for what he was about to do next
"do you normally ACT LIKE THIS?" Kaijin growled again, this time it came out right, "or is it something TO DO WITH ME?"
Vremee wasnt even paying attention to what Kaij was saying, only what Sertas was about to do next
"wwwhy wwwouuuld i tell youuu? youuu don't seem aaall thaaat importaaant." Sertas' hand slightly played with the back of Kaijin's hair, as he slightly blew the bangs out of his face.[/container]
He bared his teeth, trying to act as tough as he could. "like hell i'm unimportant. little miss rollerskates could pull something aT ANY MOMENT, AND I COULD VERY WELL SAVE YOUR LIFE." Kaijin brushed his bangs out of his face. "you NeVeR KNOW."
She looked at Kaij "YO... DUDe CAN YOU CALl ME LITtle MI55 ROLler5kate5 FROm NOW ON I LOVe IT" She was laughing at the name that he just called her, she thought it was hilarious for some reason
"she seems haaarmless." *Sertas continued playing with his hair, moving his hand to the front." *pluuus, i caaan taaake most trolls in a fight. never faaair fights, thouuugh."[/container]
"she could be armed. what if she WERE HIDING A KNIFE? OR A GUN?" He turned his head, causing Sertas to pull his hair, at which he winced a little.
"HAHa DONt WORry DUDe. I HAVent GOT ANY OF MY WEApon5 ON ME AT THE MOMent. I WA5 JU5t PLAnning ON GOIng FOR A NICe 5TRoll THRough THE PARk >:}" She raises her hands in the air jokingly signaling that she's innocent
Kaijin looked at Vremee suspiciously. "are you sure? i wouldn't want to have to PROTECT THIS INNOCENT CIVILIAN FROM THE LIKES OF YOU."
She laughed "YOU AND THI5, 'INNocent CIVilian' RIGht HERe ARE PERfectly 5AFe HAHa" She nudged him with her elbow again
"oh? i'm the innocent one? maaaybe roller-skaaate chick is the one in daaanger. you never knowww" He let go of the hair, beginning to lightly run his hands through it, in an attempt to relieve any pain that might've been caused by the accidental hair pulling.[/container]
Vremee chuckles and looks at Kaij "OR MAYbe, YOUre THE ONE IN DANger. OOOooooo" She waves her hands around in the air mysteriously
"i could easily tAkE BOTH OF YOU." He looked something almost resembling threatening, then his eyes widened. "um. that SOUNDED WEIRD."
"MM HMM 5URe DID" Her glance went back to something other than Kaij. She was now focusing on fumbling with the stickers in her hair
"yeaaah. it did." He paused. "aaare youuu suuure youuu couuuld taaake uuus in a fight?" He slowly reached for a blade concealed in his pocket. he literally never leaves the house without a sharp object.[/container]
Kaijin's shocked gaze was set on the weapon as he jumped visibly. "i-is ThAt REAL?" His lips trembled as he looked like he'd just seen a ghost.
"YEAh KAIj, IT 5EEms TO BE PREtty REAl TO ME. BUT WHAtever YOU BOTh ARE ABOut TO GET YOUr5elves INTo, COUnt ME IN" She gets ready to do whatever Sertas was going to do
"of couuurse it is." he held the weapon closer to Kaijin's face, trying not to hurt him. "wwwhy wwwouuuldnt it be?" Sertas was surprisingly calm given the situation.[/container]
"LET5 REAlly 5EE IF HE5 A MUTant OR NOT" She gets ready for what shes about to do, and rises her fists up a little

Is that real?

is that real? by Leng

Kaijin immediately stood up and took 3 huge steps back. "woah woah woah, hOw ABOUT WE DON'T?" He shivered. "how do you hAvE A GODDAMN BLADE???"
"i aaalwwwaaays haaave aaa blaaade on me. aaand, rollerskaaate chick, i'd raaather not. don't get me wwwrong, i'd draaawww blood aaanydaaay. but i'm just not reaaally in the mood."[/container]
"AW MAN OKAy >:{" She settles herself down a bit and puts her hands on her hips
Sertas put the blade away, slightly pushing the hair out of his face, though it jus went back to its previous position. he sighed, frowning a bit. any other time he'd be fine with bloodshed. what makes this time any different?[/container]
He backed up further, focusing his fear on Vremee. Tripping over a rock, he fell backward. Kaijin stared up at the girl with (frankly undue) terror in his eyes.
Sertas got up, quickly walking over to Kaijin, kneeling down next to him. "aaare youuu okaaay?" he asked, genuinely concerned for the other troll.[/container]
Vremee smiled at him widely and asked "YO BRO YOU OK? WANt 5OMe HELp UP?" She was completely unaware of his fear
Kaijin settled himself down. Nothing he hadn't been exposed to before, being mistaken for someone he wasn't in and around those dark, shady alleyways. He got up and brushed himself off. "if you think that scared me enough tO MAKE ME CRY OR SOMETHING, YOU'RE WRONG." He let out a 'hmph'. "not like i've EVER CRIED BEFORE."
Vremee was still putting her hands on her hips, not really paying attention to what he was saying “YEAh YEAh..” She was mostly looking at Sertas for what he was gonna say on this
Sertas sighed, standing up. "i highly douuubt thaaat." He crossed his arms, a slight frown forming on his face. "it'd juuust be weird if youuuve never cried."[/container]
He started sweating, trying not to let the pair see the rust colored droplets. "well it's true. i've ALWAYS BEEN THIS COOL."
"suuuspiciouuus." Sertas eyed the rustblood closely. Looking at him from his horns to his admittedly dope hoodie.[/container]
"YOU 5EEmed LIKe A PREtty COOl DUDe FROm THE 5TArt, THAt5 WHAt I THInk AT LEA5t" She starts rolling around in circles in her roller skates to keep herself entertained
At this point, Kaijin was standing straight as a board, careful of even his slightest movements. "what are you EVEN SUSPICIOUS OF?"
"maaany things. aaall of them haaaving to do wwwith youuu. wwwhy do youuu aaask?" Sertas stared Kaijin dead in the eyes. But. Bangs.[/container]
Vremee starts digging for something in her pockets. She didnt even notice the fact that the two were still talking. She was basically spacing out at this point. Then she pulls a pocket knife out of one of her pockets "OH 5WEet! I FORgot I HAD ONE OF THE5e IN HERe" She puts it back like nothing happened
He narrowed his rust colored eyes, which made them look even darker and contrast with his hair color. "don't i have a right TO ASK QUESTIONS WITHOUT REASON?" Kaijin shifted his balance nervously, pretending not to notice Vremee's knife, or his increasing suspiciousness. He stared back at Sertas. "who says i'm the mOsT SUSPICIOUS ONE HERE ANYWAY?"
"wwwell, for aaall wwwe know, youuu couuuld be lying aaabouuut youuur blood colouuur." Sertas stepped closer to Kaijin, smirking. He was about half a foot away when he stopped walking.[/container]
"how are yOu SO SURE?" Kaijin felt his breath hitch in fear of being found out, and in fear of the blade wielding troll in front of him. "what makes you say THAT WITH SUCH CONVICTION?"
Vremee smiles at Kaij "WELl, WE COUld REAllllly FINd ANOther WAY TO FIGure OUT IF YOUre LYIng OR NOT. YOUve BEEn ACTing PREtty 5U5 ABOut IT, WHY DONt WE REAlly FINd OUT" She also takes a step closer to Kaij. She doesnt really know what shes about to do, but she just goes along with it to see what happens. She has a slight feeling whats going to go down though, even though Sertas already said he wasnt in the mood to draw blood she was betting on him to maybe change his mind about it
Sertas walked closer to Kaijin. He was now in front of the rustblood. He was 6'0, about 8 or 9 inches taller than Kaijin. He leaned over, putting his arms around Kaijin's shoulders. "i'm pretty wwwell-versed in lying myself. i caaan spot liaaars from aaa mile aaawwwaaay"[/container]
She just looked at what Sertas was going to do so she knew what to do as well. She didnt want to miss her shot in a little fighting if it happened
Kaijin didn't notice he was biting his lip, hard, until he tasted something metallic and familiar. He kept biting it in an effort to hide the blood, but it was very noticeable that he was in fact bleeding. Even so, he wouldn't let go, out of fear of his whole facade slipping away. No one could see the blood, however, so he was safe for now.
"wwwhaaat? why're youuu so quuuiet? aaare youuu scaaared?" he leaned even closer to Kaijin.[/container]
He turned away, making a low growl noise and glaring at Sertas. Kaijin was skittish, but stubborn as a mule. He'd only break if he was threatened. No matter how close the midblood got, he wouldn't crack under pressure.
in a series of swift movements, Sertas had gotten out his kife and (very) lightly pressed it against Kaijin's neck, cause i'm evil. "so, wwwouuuld youuu like to aaanswwwer the question nowww? or do i haaave to do something i'd regret?"[/container]
Oh now we're talkin. Vremee moves to the side of Kaij and Sertas to get a better look of what was going on. She was slowly reaching for the pocket knife in her back pocket as well
Kaijin finally let go of his lip, both in desperation and out of fear. He was about to say something, when lo and behold, a thin line of rust colored blood trailed down his chin. He looked at Sertas' bangs, desperately searching for his eyes to gauge his reaction due to his unwavering poker face while reaching up to quickly wipe away the blood with his sweater sleeve, but the damage was already done.
She put her hands back on her hips "HUH, NOT REAlly 5URprising. I WA5 KINda EXPecting THi5, BUT NOT THI5 WAY" She gestures towards Kaij's lip
Sertas took the knife away from his ( Kaijin ) neck, moving his bangs out of the way, and they actually stayed this time. Sertas examined the blade with dark olive coloured eyes, a deadpan facial expression on his face this whole time. A smile tugging on the corner of his mouth at some points.[/container]
To add insult to injury, Kaijin's face had turned a dark red, over the candy colored blush he applied daily, as a late timed reaction to the light pressure on his neck which had previously held him in place. He bit his sweater sleeve, glared at Sertas and uttered a single, quiet "fuck YOU."
Vremee giggled "5OOoooo... NOW THI5 I5 KINda AWKward NOW, FOR ME AT LEA5t. WHY DONt WE ALL DOOooo 5OMething TOGether! PUT THI5 WHOle THIng A5Ide LIKe NONe OF IT EVEr HAPpened. WE COUld BONd WITh EAChother! MAYbe.." She trailed off, knowing this would be hard making everyone get together again like this never happened. She tries her best though "5O WADdya 5AY...?" She raises her hands up a little in anticipation
Sertas was still studying the blade, as if he wasn't actually expecting it. As if he didn't actually belive Kaijin had rust-coloured blood. There was a look of disbelief mixed with confusion on his face.[/container]
Kaijin kept quiet. He stared at Sertas, waiting for him to speak. He knew that one wrong word would get him killed, he could see that depraved hint of psychosis in the green, focused gaze before him. Once again not daring to move or breathe, he was as still as a rabbit locking eyes with a lion.
She frowned "AWWwww CMOn GUY5 DONt BE LAMe >:{ BEIng LAMe I5 FOR LAMEos CMOn" She skated over to Kaij, circled around him and went around to Sertas "YO, TA5 CMONn LET5 ALL DO 5OMething FUN TOGether! I BROught X TRA 5KAte5 JU5t IN CA5e I MET 5OMe AWE5ome DUDe5 HEReee >:}" She smiled widely and pointed back over to the bench they were originally hanging out on. There was a bag with two extra pairs of skates in them which she brought with her to the park
Sertas was quickly glancing from the blade to Kaijin and back again. He couldn't even think of any words to speak because if the state of shock. he attempted to say something. anything. in apology for what he did.   "wwwaaait... wwwh.." Sertas finally decided on a place to forking look. That place being Kaijin. "i didn't aaactuuuaaally think.." he paused. ".. i'm sorry" sertas' apology sounded surprisingly sincere for how he normally acts.[/container]
"you DIDN'T?" Kaijin held his stare, gazing into the eyes of someone who could have ended his life a moment ago, an equal turned nearly barbaric. It was like they were two different species entirely, or at least it felt like it to the adrenaline-riddled rustblood. "were... were you actually about TO KILL ME JUST THEN..?" Without thinking it over, he spoke the question burning in his mind.
"no, i wwwaaasnt." Sertas held his gaze, said gaze slightly wavering due to some emotions he hasn't felt in sweeps. "thouuugh, i did consider it.[/container]
Kaijin felt his hot-headed attitude coming back, and his fear turned to overexaggerated anger. "if you weren't planning to kill, THEN WHY WOULD YOU HOLD ME AT KNIFEPOINT???" He huffed and zipped up his hoodie, now looking like a complete and utter fool.
Sertas tried to look away from the now angry troll, but couldn't. "I don't knowww! it wwwaaas just like.. aaan instinct! ever since i lost my luuusuuus ive been more on gaaauuurd wwwith stuuuff aaand i did it ouuut of impuuulse! i'm sorry, okaaay." Sertas hadn't realised he yelled most of those sentences. Nor had he realised he actuallly told people why he has them nice issues. so like, unintentionally opening up to someone.[/container]
His eyes darted to the side. "i can't say i blame YOU, HEARING YOUR TRAGIC TALE." Looking back at Sertas, Kaijin pulled up his hood. "my life isn't even vAlUaBlE TO YOU, IN HINDSIGHT."
Sertas quirked a brow "wwwhaaat maaakes youuu saaay thaaat?" he asked, actually asking a genuine question since,, a while.[/container]
Vremee truns her head to meet the two of them. She mostly wasnt paying attention to the conversation they were having, so she still tries to make them all participate in something "5OOo WE GONna GO DO 5MThin OR WHAt FELla5? >:}" She looks at the two with a grin on her face
Kaijin looked at Vremee and back at Sertas. "We're strangers, in the end. You could kill both me and little miss rollerskates, and just walk away. They'd find our bodies in the morning and no one would know your identity since you use your hair to hide your face."   He uncharacteristically smirked. "And if you wanna go even FURTHER fucked up, you could take my hoodie and, in a sick twist of my little trick, pretend to be me just like I pretended to have candy red blood." Kaijin kicked the soil below him, making a soft scrape. "You could even keep it as a trophy."
"okaaay i'm not thaaat fuuucked uuup. aaand i'm not going to staaab either of youuu." Sertas harshly glared at Kaijin. Quickly looking elsewhere. Though it was pointless. Cause bangs.[/container]
Kaijin's smirk turned into an almost proud, competitive smile. "I scared you, didn't I? That's payback for the knife thing." He quickly slipped away from Sertas.
Sertas sighed. "yes youuu fuuucking scaaared me."he crossed his arms, looking at Kaijin from behind his bangs. Yet, it was easier to tell where he was looking.[/container]
He laughed. "Seeing your reaction makes it all worthwhile. Hey, how many people passing by do you think thought we were a couple or something?"
Sertas blushed, a light Olive colour sweeping across his face. "i.. i bet no one thouuught thaaat wwwe wwwere aaa couuuple." He sighed again, eyes still on Kaijin.[/container]
Kaijin's smile widened. Some part of him absolutely reveled in having at least a thread of power over someone both higher than him, AND hailing from Alternia. He walked over to Vremee, and gently poked her. "Hey, sorry about that. Those are some cool rollerskates, by the way. Know any tricks?"
Vremee turned to Kaij and smiled at him “HAHa, WELl I REAlly ONLy U5E THEm TO 5KAte AROund THE PLAce. 5OMetimes I TRY AND DO 5OMe TRIcks, BUT I ALWays END UP FALling DOWn 5OMewhere >:{“ She pouted, crossing her arms. Then pointed over to her bag near the bench where the roller skates were “THEre5 TWO PAIr5 OF 5KAte5 IN THEre, FOR TWO COOl DUDe5 LIKe YOU, YOU CAN ROLl AROund IN THEm IF YOU WANt >:}”
Sertas was still in his spot, staring at Kaijin. Well fuck. What's this i smell? Well, if dekus cool with it, it's a crush. If he's not idfk what i smell but it's something lmao. "i've never leaaarned howww to skaaate."[/container]
She quickly ran over to go get the skates from out of her bag. She yelled over from the bench “DONt WORry!! ILL TRY TO TEAch YOU!! >:}”   She grabs the two pairs of skates from the bag and rolls back over to them. She drops them on the floor next to them “HERe THEy ARE BOY5” One pair had flame decorations on it, and so did the other pair. She loves flames too much
"bold of youuu to aaassuuume my gender." he joked, half-sniling. "thaaanks."[/container]
He looked over the rollerskates. "I'll pass. I'd rather watch Curtains fall on his ass than fall on mine."
"wwwowww, screwww youuu." Sertas said flatly. "aaare youuu suuure youuure not juuust being aaa cluuuckbeaaast?"[/container]
She laughed “YEAh I KINda WANna 5EE THAt TOO” She looked at Sertas “5O ARE YOU GONna 5K8?”
"I'm not a cluckbeast. You are." Kaijin stuck out his tongue childishly. He WAS a kid after all.
"so youuure aaa cluuuckbeaaast in deniaaal. got it." he looked over at Vremee. "yeaaah, i guuuess."[/container]
She smiled at him “GR8! 5O, DO YOU KNOw HOW TO KINda ACTually.. KEEp BALance?”
"yeaaah, i've gone ice skaaating before. i wwwent wwwith one of my huuumaaan freinds. it wwwaaas suuurprisingly nice."[/container]
Kaijin stood on the bench, sitting down on the top of the backrest. He pulled his hood down and locked his eyes on Sertas, biting the bright red strings that hung down from it.
Sertas was putting on the skates, a focused look on what you can see of his face as he tied them. he wasn't fond of falling due to shoelaces being untied.[/container]
She gestured towards them "IF YOUre HAVing TROuble BALancing, JU5t TELl ME AND ILL HELp YOU OUT >;}" She circles around them as she waits for them to get used to the skates
Sertas stood up on the skates, skating around surprisingly well. Though he'd never rollerskated before, he has iceskated. So, he's fairly good at using skates.[/container]
Vremee skated beside them making sure that they didn’t fall down just in case “WELl, IT LOOk5 LIKe YOU GOT THE HANg OF THE5e THIng5”
"i guuuess so." Sertas stuck his tongue out at Kaijin, smirking "look who didn't faaall on his aaass, cluuuckbeaaast."[/container]
"Damn! I was looking forward to it as well. It'd be a shame if someone pushed you." Kaijin shot back, grinning.
"yeaaah. it wouuuld. too baaad no ones gonna puuush me." Sertas half-glared at Kaijin, skating around.[/container]
Kaijin readjusted himself so he was effectively sitting upside down. He crossed his legs over the top of the bench. "Gonna kill me if I try?" He stuck out his tongue.
"i don't knowww, maaaybe." Sertas joked, though it sounded a bit serious. He skated over to where Kaijin was sitting and booped him.[/container]
He flinched a little, still not fully trusting the oliveblood, but quickly relaxed. "You're interesting, Curtains. I'm gonna have to keep my eye on you. Not like you can reciprocate."
"Youuu knowww my name is Sertaaas. does it maaake youuu haaappy to saaay my naaame wwwrong or some shit?" He asked, noticing Kaijin's flinch. He booped Kaij again, giggling and skating around. "no, i caaant reciprocaaate. wwwhaaat aaan aaastuuute observaaation."[/container]
"It does in fact make me happy. Don't ya like it, Curtains? I can change it to Shithead if you'd prefer." He lazily rolled over and poked at the ground with a sharpened, red claw.
"meh, both suuuck equuuaaally. I'd be fine wwwith either." He admitted. he skated back to the bench and sat down, blowing air into his bangs.[/container]
Kaijin kept fidgeting with the dirty gravel below him. Suddenly, he blurted something out. "mutatedWarzone."
Sertas turned his head towards Kaijin. "wwwaaas thaaat youuur trollhaaandle?" he asked, raising an unseen eyebrow.[/container]
He nodded his head, his bangs falling in front of his face, just like Sertas. He sat up and looked at the other troll through the red mess of hair. "Yeah. You're cool."
Sertas smiled. Like. A true, genuine smile. "Mines prettyPetty. The aaabbreviation is PP aaand thaaat maaakes me chuuuckle."[/container]
Kaijin smiled too, accompanied by a short laugh. "That's stupid, you're stupid. It fits."
"Youuu're stuuupider." shit. that was a horrible comeback.[/container]
"You're stupidest, dummy." Kaijin swept his hair back into its original style, playing with the parts that hung down by the sides. He brought one of his feet up onto the seat of the bench.
"thaaat wwwaaas devistaaating. i'll never recover." Sertas chuckled at his own stupidity.[/container]
He tied and untied his shoelaces, looking down as he smiled at Sertas' capacity to go along with his hoofbeastshit. "I know. No mercy for the merciless."
"wwwhy the fuuuck did youuu uuuntie youuur shoes? wwwhaaat help did uuuntying youuur shoes give to youuu?" He laughed at Kaijin jokingly. "seriouuusly, wwwhy did you do thaaat"[/container]
"If I trip it'll be dramatic and I can land in a cool pose." Kaijin looked up at Sertas. He had the same facial expression as a kid about to do a stunt that they would 100% fail.
"Faaair point. youuu couuuld totaaally laaand in aaa suuuper fuuucking cool pose aaand look reaaally dope. or youuu couuuld faaall on youuur faaace aaand give me aaa good laaauuugh."[/container]
He stuck his tongue out at Sertas, blowing a raspberry at him. "I'm the coolest, I can do basically any trick imaginable. I just don't wanna waste my energy."
"yeaaah, suuure. i totaaally beleive thaaat." Sertas blew a raspberry back, laughing a bit. He was enjoying himself for the first time in a while.[/container]
"I can... I can do a cartwheel. That's more than can be said about most trolls." Kaijin rubbed the back of his neck embarrassedly, while blushing a wine red.
"thaaats.. thaaats aaactuuuaaally reaaally cool. i've never met someone who caaan do aaa caaartwheel."[/container]
He looked at Sertas proudly. "Watch me!" He then proceeded to do a perfect cartwheel, but failed to stick the landing, ending up on his knees. There was some rust colored smears on the ground next to him, and the same shade of red fell from his eyes. "Ow..." A mumbled groan of pain came shakily from Kaijin's lips.
"oh, shoot." He got up carefully, still wearing the skates, and moved over to where Kaijin was on the ground. He kneeled next to the rustblood. "aaare youuu okaaay?"[/container]
Kaijin looked at Sertas. "I'm fine. Crying is a reflex." He forced a smile, fighting his natural child's impulse to sob uncontrollably. He didn't wanna look like a crybaby. Kaijin stood up and pulled up his pant legs. Both his knees looked like hell.
"jeguuus, youuu don't look fine. aaare youuu suuure?" *Sertas sounded genuine in his worry. Like he actually cared aboud Kaijin's well-being. "youuur knees look pretty beaaat uuup."[/container]
Instead of freaking out, he looked at the bloody mess quizzically. "What am I gonna do about this. I can't very well go out in public bleeding. My reputation as a mutantblood would be ruined." He looked over at a nearby tree, snapped off some leaves and started bandaging his own wounds.
Sertas sighed, watching Kaijin bandage himself up. "aaare youuu suuure thaaats going to wwwork?" He asked, not taking his eyes off of Kaijins bandaging.[/container]
Kaijin looked extremely focused, though still teary-eyed. "Yes. I am one hundred percent sure it will work. Trust me, I've done this before."
"hm. youuu shouuuld juuust like. haaave baaandaaages on youuu so youuu wouuuldnt haaave to uuuse leaaaves. baaandaaages wwwouuuld probaaably be eaaaaier to wwwraaap uuup, too."[/container]
"That's a good idea. I was planning on getting bandages when I get home. Stuff like this doesn't usually happen, since I'm cool and stuff." Kaijin laughed nervously.
“aaalright. I’ll see youuu aaarouuund then.” Sertas started to walk off. “aaauuu revoir, kaaaijin.”[/container]
"Wait. You remember my trolltag, right? mutatedWarzone? It would be a shame if I lost you." Kaijin looked actually worried for the potential loss of his new acquaintance.
“yeaaah, I remember. I haaave aaa suuurprisingly good memory. I douuubt youuu forgot mine.”[/container]
"Yours is um.... The stupid one, prettyPetty. Yeah, I remembered." He laughed a little at the dumb joke.
Sertas smiled. “thaaats the one. if youuur luuusuuus is huuungry youuu shouuuld reaaally get going. Yet aaagaaain, aaauuu revoir, kaaaijin.” Sertas waved, continuing to walk off.[/container]
"Bye!" Kaijin left with mixed thoughts. On one hand, Sertas was pretty cool. On the other, he WAS pretty scary. Maybe he should keep his distance... But on the other hand, he wouldn't ghost him if he were to reach out via Trollian.
Vremee shrugged as the two of them walked off. She wasn’t really paying attention to what they were talking about over there, so she just went with it. They were pretty cool people, she would love to meet them again sometime. She skates off into the park again.


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