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Vloume's Hive 1} Vloume Alone

Vloume played by Leng
Vloume blinked their good eye sleepily and rubbed it as they woke up. It was getting colder, that's how they knew night had started without them. Their hive was made of stone, so it kept in most of the heat from the day as the frigid desert night stretched on.   It was time to get up, sleeping in all night wasn't helpful to anyone. Climbing out of the repreicoon the very first thing they reached for was a nice warm blanket. The hive was full of them.   After drying off and warming up the best they could, Vloume went about the waking rituals that they'd set out for themselves. Somedays were harder to continue them than others, but every day was a gift and they weren't going to waste even one with sleeping in. Despite often wanting to never wake again.   Vloume donned her coat and spent a quiet moment contemplating a group image that sat in a place of respect in their hive. Actively remembering the names, likes, dislikes, and silly moments of every troll in the image before finally being ready for a new night of life.


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