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Teya Dubois

Played by Aisy

Teya Dubois (a.k.a. quintessentialPleasure)

[/container] Prickly and cold to say the least, Teya puts up a front to keep from connecting too deeply to others. Somewhat a martyr, a lot of her problems are ones that she causes or that have easy solutions. Very creatively motivated. Tends to take out her general annoyance on others through passive-aggressive remarks and snarky jokes. Deep down, she has issues with her own self-perceived inferiority that keep her from letting anyone get too close. Teya’s biggest fear is that of being forgotten, and it drives most of her actions.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Roughly 5’4 and about 125 lbs. Has grown-out bleached hair and brown roots. Wears a lot of thrifted and oversized clothes, and is often spotted with a large, faded jean jacket covered in pins. Makes her own earrings and jewelry and

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Originally stuck in the foster system after being born into unfortunate circumstances, Teya was eventually adopted by her current mother and guardian around age 8. Since then, she hasn’t become particularly close to her mother or older siblings, often confining herself to her room for long periods of time. Learning to love her own company, she grew fascinated with film, writing, and history. Most of her friends were made via the internet and forums focused on these topics. An avid practitioner of witchcraft and a spiritual person, she’s drawn to the macabre and occult.


High school student

Accomplishments & Achievements

Knows basic self-defense. Has good intuition and is resourceful.

Personality Characteristics


Teya dreams of becoming a screenwriter, but she yearns for an undeniable legacy.

Likes & Dislikes

Vintage clothes, astronomy, tabby cats, new-wave music, witchcraft
Large crowds, fizzy drinks, Twitter
➠Sexual orientation
Bisexual, no preference
➠Signature colour
Navy green (#24481e)
Crescent moon
➠Typing style
Usually avoids periods, but otherwise remains grammatically correct whenever possible. (QP: If I were you, I simply wouldn’t be so damn stupid all the time)
Her adoptive mother.
➠Original Planet
Pre-Scratch Earth
Rogue of Life


In Person




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