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Skyscrapers 1} Caraah and Oculyn

Caraah played by Leng, Oculyn played by Chi
Caraah leaned on the glass between her and the fall to near certain doom. She winked at the people neighboring skyscraper and pressed against the window suggestively, not even trying to hide the fact she was sabotaging the glass so she could come back later and rob the place when it wasn't full of other trolls.
She wasn't as worried about humans, they were weak and easy to frighten in her experience. She had thought of asking Dakoda if she could keep one as a pet but then she'd have to feed it or something. Bleh boring.
The only issue was that it was just a pain in the ass to get things done in the day time, so she wanted to prebreak the windows so she wouldn't have to think about it. She, she was good at planning! Snooty little waterbois could shove it up their sniff nub!
All of a sudden, the window violently shattered into a thousand pieces, as a small projectile flew through it at terminal velocity. The projectile ricocheted off a couple things in the room, causing more damage, before coming to a rest in the middle of the floor, revealing itself to be a golf ball.
A few moments later, a nearby elevator dinged, and a woman with five eyes, in a business suit stepped out energetically.
"Haha! I $av€d th®€€ who£€ $t®ok€$ boun¢ing it off th€ bui£ding n€xtdoo®!" She looked around, found the golf ball, and drew a wedge from the golf bag strapped to her back. She got into stance next to the ball, seemed to aim at the wall only six feet away, and drew back to swing.
Caraah flailed her arms and grabbed onto the jagged edges of the window frame as the glass she was leaning on shattered unexpectedly.
She hissed in frustrated rage at the window daring to break on her like that before she noticed everyone looking at her.   She leaned back into the building and licked the blood off her hands as nonchalantly as she could.
"Everything is fine <3 nothing to see here my lovelies."
She said, trying to laugh it off, and it was that moment that the troll with the golf clubs came up the elevator.   Caraah flipped her hair and held her hand up to her face to laugh once she realised what had happened.
"Oohoohoo! So it waahs you <3 trying to kill me from aah distaahnce aahre we my deaahr?"
"Not now, I'm ¢on¢€nt®ating," the woman said, eyes intent on the ball. She swung hard, and the ball leapt up into the air, hit the wall at an angle, bounced off the open lid off a photocopier with enough force to shut it, bounced off the wall again, and landed in a coffee cup sitting on the desk of one of the interns. Coffee splashed out violently, scaring the hell out of the intern.
"Ha!" shouted the woman, "Fiv€ $t®ok€$, n€w p€®$ona£ ®€¢o®d. OhohohoHO!" she laughed with one hand up to her mouth. She looked pleased with herself for a moment, then turned back to Caraah.
"A£®ight, now what w€®€ ¥ou $a¥ing?"
Not now? Not now!? Oh no this was not going to stand.
"Oh don't you worry aahBout thaaht <3 I'm sure It won't maahter soon enough. NICe shot <3 Do you mInd If I..?"
Caraah held her hand out for the club and smiled.
"Oh, f€££ow €nthu$ia$t?" she asked, pulling all her clubs or if her bag in a single motion, deftly spinning then around in her hand, and offering Caraah her pick of any of them.
Well.. that did change things. She was just going to break or bend one but now she had a change of heart.
She clapped happily and played eni mini miny moe for a moment.
"Oh Its just so haahrd to Choose <3 I thInk I'll taahaahke.. aall of them!"
With that she attempted to wrest the whole lot from the woman and toss them out the window with abject glee.
Oculyn Stonks watched the batch of golf clubs go sailing out the window towards the ground, several stories below. There was a faint crash sound, then a faint car alarm.
"Oh, ni¢€ th®ow," she said, looking out the window. "Not how ¥ou pla¥ go£f, but imp®€$$iv€, non€th€£€$$.”
"Oh thaahnk you <3 so whaaht Is thIs gaahME exaahctly?" She was in a better mood now that she'd destroyed something.
"Tell ME love <3 do you get more poInts for smaahshIng thIngs?"
"¥ou u$€ a ¢£ub to hit a ba££ into a $ma££ ho£€, that'$ un®€a$onab£¥ fa® awa¥. Th€ fa$t€® ¥ou get it th€®€, th€ b€tt€® ¥ou did." Oculyn summarized.
"Oh do faahces Count <3 aahs holes I meaahn"
That did sound fun, would be even better if the hole had treasure or something to.
"Is It ahh solo gaahME? <3 or aah CompetItIon? or perhaahps aah teaahm gaahME? I hope not though <3 raahther win aahlone!"
Oculyn shrugged. "I'v€ don€ it b€fo®€. But ¥ou'v€ got to ¢a££ it fi®$t. ¥ou ¢an't $¢o®€ in th€ €¥€ if ¥ou'®€ aiming fo® th€ t€€th." She explained casually. "It ¢an b€ $o£o o® a ¢omp€tition."
"Ooh! <3 We used to do somethIng lIke that wIth Caahnnon Balls." Caraah clapped, she always enjoyed that game. "OfCourse Its muCh eaahser to hIt aahn eye when you taahke the whole heaad! Oohoohoohoo!"
Suddenly, the sweet bro and hella jeff theme song started assaulting everyone's ears, stopping once Oculyn pulled out her phone and answered it.
"H€££o?" she listened a moment. "Oh d€a®," she said. "¢onta¢t th€ Autho®it¥ Ob$t®u¢tion D€pa®tm€nt™. Hav€ th€m $ta££ unti£ th€ €vid€n¢€ ®€da¢tion D€pa®tm€nt™ ¢an d€a£ with it."
"AahthorIty oBstructIon depaahrtMEnt <3 Whaaht aahre you up too?"
Caraah leaned forward, wanting to overhear what was being said without being the least be subtle about it. "You seem to haahve lots of depaahrtMEnts <3 Tell ME aahll aahBout thaaht my lovely"
"Oh, it'$ nothing," Oculyn said, dismissively. "$om€on€ found th€ bodi€$. €ith€® th€¥'££ tak€ ¢a®€ of it, o® th€ B®ib€®¥ Budg€ting D€pa®tm€nt will. An¥wa¥, I think ¥ou w€®€ a$king m€ $om€thing about go£f?"
Caraah pouted angrily, not wanting to be derailed on what she wanted to focus on. She also didn't like being interrupted like that when she was having fun.
"How aahBout you taahke ME on your gaahME <3 aahnd we Caahn taahlk aahBout your BusIness, my lovely. Aahll your depaahrtMEnt taahlk haahs ME IntrIgued <3 otherwIse I guess I Can toss you out the wIndow too. Just for funzies! <3<3"   "Oh aahnd whIle we're at It <3 you seem rIch do you know aahny maahsked doll lovers <3 I'm on aah hunt my lovely."
Scene End


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