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Oculyn Stonks

Played by Chi

Oculyn Stonks (a.k.a. enterpriseBirdie)

Cocky and stubborn. Usually in a good mood. Acts like she knows what's she's talking about even when she doesn't, but her intuition is so good, she frequently winds up being right anyway.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Hair up in a bun. Five eyes with odd shaped pupils. Crisp business suit. Bag of golf clubs on her back like a sword's scabbard. Horns fan out behind her head.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Started a business selling FLARP costume repair kits. Through a mix of wise business decisions, good luck, and sheer stubborn determination, it grew into a massive corporation with a diverse range of products and services. She lives in a massive mansion-hive which takes up the top floors of her company's main headquarters.


Founder, owner, and CEO of Event Horizon Inc.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Uncanny business sense. Good at golf.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Golf, exploring, money
Boredom, relationship gossip, being told what to do.
12 sweeps/ 26 years
➠Typing Quirk
$h€ fill$ h€® wo®d$ with £ot$ of mon€¥ and bu$ine$$ ¢ha®a¢te®$.
giant scorpion with cobra for a tail.
➠Original Planet
Seer of Void


In Person




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