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Pixzie's Hive 2} Olmaka, Pixzie, and Rozali

Olmaka played by Ronwea, Pixzie played by Kiwi, Rozali played by Leng
"I pawsitively can't move anymore." Olmaka mumbled against the fur.
"Alright hold on," Pixzie dropped the monster and picked Olmaka up. Quickly she got her inside and on the couch, "be right back" she hopped out and heaved the beast in, her Lusus perked up. "Dont you dare," Pixzie scowled "get your own"
"Yeah your own!" A tired hand emerged from over the couch to point in the direction she thought the Lusus was in. "Keep that maw of yours in good standing!"
Pixzie's Lusus grumbled and sat in the corner, it looked like tonight was a docile night. Pixzie chuckled at Olmaka before she started work on the monster infront of her. She sat and stared skinning it.
Olmaka watched from the couch, looking on in curiosity. As she continued to work though she was looking more and more horrified and a little green. "T-thats not how you open the seams." She whispered.
Pixzie looked up covered in blood, she saw Olmakas expression and chuckled "you can go sit in my room if you'd like, I might be a bit but that door right over there.
She nodded, thinking it would be better to hide out in the bedroom. The bathroom was an alright place, but after being forced to sleep in the tub for a week she knew very well it wasn't all that comfortable place to serve as a bed. Slowly she slid off the couch and wiggle crawled to the bedroom, Scarlett's button eyes staring up at the ceiling from her back.
Pixzie kept giggling at her as she did her job. Pixzie's room was small and a bit messy, mostly just some clothes and stuff thrown around. Her bed was unmade and half of the blankets were on the floor. Her desk was a bit of a mess as well strewn with many different objects.
Her wiggling got her as far as under one of the bed sheets that was casted aside off the land of slumber. She laid there for a few minutes before she shot up into a sitting position, her nose twitching in sudden mischevious curiosity. Wrapping the blanket around her shoulders she went over to the desk and poked around, starting with the drawers.
In the drawers were pens, pencils, a ton of receipts, and some organ lubricant. There was also some pictures. On top of the desk were many scattered papers and also bills, lots of bills.
Seeing the mess on the desk she giggled to herself as she rearranged everything to make it look like a bunny, complete with pencil whiskers and two rolled up reciets as the eyeballs and the goofy smile. Nodding with satisfaction at her masterpeice she moved her curious eyes to the rest of the room, wondering if there was a bookshelf to plunder. A perfect place to find out about secret guilty pleasures!
There was a book shelf in her room, but it was small and not much on it. More bills of course, and actually some books. Most of them were romance novels and a couple were general finances.
Her eyes got big and wide in excitement as she plopped down and helped herself to the romance novels. They were her favorite and she was elated that her new friend seemed just as interested in the subject as she was. Maybe she'd ask later how she felt about shipping, it was the cornerstone of all friendships afterall.
Pixzie had sticky notes plastered all throughout the novel. They were notes on the characters, or their love interests, among many other things. Some of them even said stuff about her personal love life and crushes.
Her butt wiggled all around on the floor in her glee seeing the notes. Oh how wonderful! How did Pixzie know she was going to read this book?! She found it utterly delightful that she already had thoughts and notes on the story.
  Olmaka's nose tickled in glee, barely able to contain herself from reading them all. BUT! She was a book purest! You had to read in order of the series and you NEVER EVER skipped ahead! It just wouldn't be right to the author that poured their heart and soul into their story to ruin it so callously.
  Much as she wanted to know her friend's thoughts she avoided looking at them for the moment, going to the beginning of the book.
She had a couple notes with doodles, one saying "bluh this girl honestly shes already a terrible protagonist," the book was the normal type romance novel. Almost reminiscent of a hallmark movie, and while Pixzie did enjoy these kind of things, some parts urked her a bit. (Mainly the main characters)
She would nod or twist her face in critique to the post it notes, though overall she was agreeable with her opinions. She was a good hour in before she wandered back into the living room, book in hand and still wrapped in the blanket. Without really looking up from the book she sat down next to Pixzie to point at a post it note she wrote.
  "Are you sure you really want Sravis and Poppycock to get together? I thought their conversation in the mud room would be hinting otherwise."
Pixzie jumped and looked at Olmaka, she had most of the meat in the fridge and she was just stuffing the excess into a bag. "ah! Olmaka what are you," She saw the book and snatched it, her face turned olive and she looked very embarrassed. "you went snooping through my stuff, and yes I do, I think they would be great together. the mud room was just a setback."
"Yup! You had some fun looking books, so I had to check them out! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)" She beamed, not at all remorseful over her blatant disregard for Pixzie's personal privacy and property.
  "Hrmm I guess I can't make too many assumptions at this point since I'm not through the whole book yet, but so far I was thinking Poppycock and Pyrate would be a better fit."
Pixzie glared at her for a few more seconds before just sighing and softening her face. "They are pretty good, and I want tell you anything yet I dont wanna spoil it, but Poppycock and Pyrate are 100% black, like it's totally where they belong." She stood up, "I gotta put these in the fridge becuase I'm to tired to head to your hive now, and you arent looking like you are either." She quickly stuffed her fridge before sitting back down beside Olmaka .
She wiggled up closer to her, her eyes big and wide with excitement. "Uuuwuuuuuu are we going to have an impromptu sleep over?!?!" If she had a tail it would've been thumping like crazy, fall off from the intensity, and fly right out of a window.
Pixzie snorted at her and gently set her hands on her shoulders. She looked into Olmaka's big wide eyes. "Yes, the meat will be fine for a night I'm sure I have a fridge lock somewhere, that'll hold her."
"UWWWWWWWUUUUUUUUUU!" She howled in delight, grabbing her up in a hug. The embrace she gave was uncomfortably tight, one might say was reminiscence of being wedged between a mattress and wall that with each breath it seems to only get worse.
  "You're the best! Oh oh we should order pizza too! Do they deliver out here? Think they have icecream and popcorn?"
Pixzie made an uncomfortable noise, she was being squished in her grasp. "Olmaka please, let me go." She wheezed and tried to squirm. "I don't think uh anything delivers sorry" another wheeze.
It was about that time there was a loud aggressive thumping at the door, someone was knocking on.. perhaps even kicking at, the door.
"~Bitch open the door~
~Get your fucking lusus off me~
~I know you're in there~"
Came an angry singsongy voice through the door.
"Aww...that's a shame." She pouted as she let go. Deep in thought as to how she could convince a pizza guy to come out she jumped in her seat at the thumping.
  Olmaka drew her brows together in confusion, then lit up as she clapped and went to the door and opened it. "Uwuuuu! It's you! Are you here for the slumberparty?!" She asked, grabbing Roza in her bone crushing hug next.
Pixzie instantly deflated when she was let go, one more wheeze came from her while she sat. She jumped at the knocking and instantly stood up, "Olmaka wai-" but it was already to late, she pulled out her knife and clutched it. She watched the two of them, so Olmaka knew her. Pixzie was still nervous that an indigo blood stood in the entrance of her hive. Sure she let Olmaka right into her hive, but she was an olive and had food, this person was different.
Roza allowed the hug more than someone of her caste might normally would have as she took in the other person in the hive, then pried Olmaka off herself and grabbed her by the shoulders. She turned her around to face her lusus that was outside with a bit of Roza's dress in its mouth.
"~Girl, curb your lusus~
~Before I curb it for you~
~You do not want that~"
"Thumpitina! That's not a pizza!" She bounced over and tugged at the fabric to get it out of her mouth.
Upon seeing her the lusus dropped Roza's dress in favor of licking Olmaka's face.
She gave a giggle and petted her ears, "You want to stay for the sleepover too? You have to get along with Pixzie's lusus though!"
It gave a loud snort, giving them a feeling it was rolling it's eyes at her.
Pixzie clutched her knife and stomped over to Roza, glaring up at her. "Who are you and why are you here, do you work for the empress," a growl escaped her mouth.
Pixzie's Lusus got up and looked in their direction she let out a growl of her own.
Roza eyed the knife and posed like she might start dancing, planing to kick that thing or the troll holding it if she came at her.
"~What do you mean, who?~
~You do not recognize me?~
~Rozali the great~"
She said it with confidence, though all she had to her name, other than being a back up dancer, was her demo tape.
"~I'm not here to fight~
~Just returning the lusus~
~Want an autograph?~"
"Of course she does! Who wouldn't want one? Oh Pixzie you should come with me next time Roza has a concert! It's really fun crowd surfing, it always leads you to hotdogs!" It was so nice to have two friends! She bet that one day she might get even more than that, course she shouldn't be greedy two were perfectly fine and she was lucky to have them.
As they talked Thumpitina opened her mouth and grabbed onto Olmaka like she was an errant puppy and started walking away.
"W-what?! Noooo I don't wanna go back home!" She wiggled helplessly. "If it's to pizza that's ok! But not home!"
She looked at Olmaka and then Back at Rozali. " :oliveheart: I don't want your autograph you arrogant dick, :oliveheart:" her voice raised a couple octaves when she said that and she put the knife away. She attempted to pull Olmaka and her Lusus, into her hive.
Rozali relaxed her stance once the knife wasn't an immediate factor. She pulled her bag around and riffled through it for her microphone. No way she was going to be weaponless with this stabby bitch around.
"~You can not fool me~"
~My autograph, priceless~"
~I know you want it~"
Thumpitina batted at Pixzie, not knowing who she was, with her big paw to get her to let go of Olmaka.
"Nooo stoppit! She's my furriend! The Sugar Rice I made was for her!" Her wiggling got her just free enough that she was being held by the back of her shirt. This came at a price as she was hanging upside down, her hair deciding to fall into her mouth making her spit it out.
Pixzie let them go and shut her door, then she turned to glare up at Roza. The pawing barely bothered her as she was use to it with her own Lusus"Your autograph isnt worth shit to me you pompous brat," she turned on her heal and stomped to her seat on the couch. She almost looked like a cat who'd just been poked with a stick
Roza wasn't expecting to be shut in the hive. She was fully expecting to be shoved out. That was never a good sign, had to stay on her toes incase these Olive's were in kahoots.
"~Hey, your loss creampuff~
~Pompousness is expected~
~For someone like me~"
"Pssst!" She said loudly to Roza, defeating the purpose of being descrete with saying such thing. Honestly she wanted to try it, characters in books always did it and it seemed like it would work in a situation like this.
Her Lusus grumbled as it sat on the floor, glaring at Pixzie that she shut them in the hive.
Pixzie looked at Olmaka and blinked, what was she doing. Whatever Pixzie didn't care. She huffed and looked back at the couch, but she kept her ears open for anything important
Pixzie's Lusus waddled over to Olmaka's and tried to lick her face.
Roza felt she'd won that argument since her opponent wasn't arguing back. That was how arguments were won at home anyway, unless the last comment was significantly snarky or scathing.
  She looked around what parts of the hive she could see without leaving the door way, carefully avoiding looking at the two lusi. She didn't want to see them fight or.. anything else two lusus might do together.
  "~So before I go~
~My Lusus deliver fee~
~Including hazard~"
Roza pulled a bill from her bag and handed it to Olmaka.
Blinking she took the bill, "Oh no! Did my lusus give you trouble bringing her over?" Squinting her eyes she shook her head and gave the paper back, "I'm sorry but for some reason I can't read it, everything is jumbled about."
Roza took the bill and looked at it for a moment.
"~You see normally~
~I would charge a reading fee~
~But for you, its waved~"
She then turned the paper right side up and handed it back.
"Ah ha! There we go that's much better!" She grinned when she was handed the paper back. Skimming over the bill she reached into her pocket for her wallet, money escaping as it was released from it's hold.
  "Hmmm, not sure if I have enough on me right now to cover it? You may have to come back to my hive later to get the full amount."
Pixzie got up and snatched the wallet out of her hands. "don't give her your money. God reading fee? what a fucking rip off," She obviously looked annoyed. Not only was there a stranger in her house but this stranger was asking for money for a very stupid reason. "Olmaka did you ask her to deliver your Lusus to her?"
She rubbed her chin thinking on it then shook her head, "Not that I recall. Though it was nice of her to know that I needed to see them, I doubt she was happy that I was gone for so long."
Thumpitina sneezed at Pixzie's lusus when they tried to lick her, giving a low growl in warning.
Pixzie's lusus layed down in front of Thumpitina and let out a quiet screech.
With one of her big paws it mooshed it against the other's Lusus's head a few times. "Awwwwww head pats!" Olmaka squeed.
Roza flipped her hair and shrugged.
"~Whatever bossy~
~I should charge you a massive~
~Interference fee~"
Pixzie growled at her, "bossy, well fuck you I don't go around charging people for services they didn't even ask for!" She reeled her hand back, wanting to punch Roza and ready to as well.
Carrie, Pixzie's lusus, layed there with it's tongue out.
She was getting distressed hearing her two new friends not getting along. Truely it was an issue, friends were suppose to get along! Unless.....ohhhhhh!
  Her distress turned into an impish one as she grinned and hid her grin behind her hands, trying to quell her excited giggles. "C-come on now, she was being nice! Hehee."
As if to show it who's boss Thumpitina turned around and sat ontop of Carrie's head.
"~And that's why you're poor~
~If you so much as touch me~
~There's a fight fee~"
Rozali said smugly. She didn't really know this girl or her circumstances, but the house was meh, and even rich people hated it when you told them they weren't rich enough
  Although she was tempting a fight with Pixzie, she decided to turned to Olmaka.
"~Don't worry girly~
~If you do not have the cash~
~I'll start you a tab~"
That was the last straw for Pixzie. This girl wasn't going to come in, and act like she owned the place. Anger burned in her eyes, and she felt the speed of her blood pusher increase. This girl was going down. "The only payment I'll give you is a broken fucking nose." She attempted to send a fist right in Roza's face.
Carrie was now stuck but she didn't care enough to try and fight it
Roza danced backwards, barely escaping the possible broken nose Pixzie was trying to give her. But since she was on the defensive it didn't leave her much space to stomp the bitch like she wanted. She wasn't nearly as fast as the Oliveblood, but she was confident she'd only need one good hit to win it. It was landing that hit that was going to be the problem. She pulled her microphone out of her bag and twirled it around by its cord, trying to get a moment to toss it at Pixzie.
"~All these fighting fees~
~Don't know if you can afford~
~Price is going up~"
"I won't pay you a cent you fucking rich brat," Pixzie kept her eyes on the microphone making sure to watch for a hit back. "You are the kind of person to have had your life handed to you on a silver platter with a fucking spoon in your god damn mouth. Well not all of us get that fucking luxury, some of us spend nearly all their time slaving away and still have nothing because of people like you,"
She nibbled on her bottom lip, thinking she'd have to do something or this possible new ship of hers wasn't going to work. Course if they were of the darker spectrum that'd be fine, but she was hoping for more of a pale. It'd be more adorable that way, she thought.
  "Don't fight! Ooof come on Thumpitina! Let me go!" She wiggled and poked at her Lusus to convince her to free her. ARGGGG It wasn't working! Her silly lusus was ignoring her, which was totally rude by the way.
  She had to think quickly before they really came to punches. Patting herself down she looked for something that would be a good distraction.
  The best she could come up with was throwing her pants at Pixzie and her underwear at Roza.
"~Whatever you say~
~You don't know shit about me~
~I don't give a- aaah!~"
Roza startled, cutting off whatever she was going to say, and blinked as underpants landed over her head. She couldn't tell what they where so she quickly took them off to regain her vision. She looked down at the item in her hand, then at Pixzie, then cautiously over at Olmaka. What... what was going on? She wasn't even on stage and she was getting underthings tossed at her?
Pixzie took the pants off of her face as well and she looked at what Roza had in her hand and then she turned to look at Olmaka. She blinked holding the garments in her hands, what in the world was happening right now. "W-what?"
"Don't fight! Or at least not yet, and not with fists. Save that for the pillow fight later, I don't think either of you will be happy if you had to wear black eyes all night. (′⅄‵) " There was a rip as the shirt her Lusus was holding onto her by finally gave out, despositing her face down on the floor.
"~I have things to do~
~Was just bringing your lusus~
~I can't stay the night~"
Roza put the undergarment in her bag as Olmaka kissed the floor, as if this was all normal.
Pixzie looked at Roza and tossed Olmakas pants back at her. She stared at the indigo a big grossed out "are you...." she decided not to finish her thought, she didnt need to know, she didnt want to know.
Roza held her hand up and rubber her fingers together, indicating that she planned to be making money off the underpants.
Pixzie's nose scrunched up in disgust "oh my god give her her fucking underwear back come on, that's just....gross," she crossed her arms, sure some of the things she did for money were, questionable, but it was nothing like that.
"You're stealing my underwear? Oh oh! Are you gonna soak it in milk and throw it in the fridge for me to find later?!" Olmaka sat up, not catching Roza's plan of peddling them off.
"~You gave them to me~
~I do not steal, I swindle~
~Do you want them back?~"
Roza seemed to be slightly offended at being told she'd stole something. But it was hard be upset after hearing something so ridiculous.
"~Soak them? Milk? Why milk?~
~Do you keep them in the fridge?~
~Normally, I mean?~ "
"I think it's- um I don't really know, maybe a prank or something," Pixzie looked away from Olmaka as to not get a veiw of anything private, "Olmaka can you put your pants back on please," Pixzie rubbed her face with her hand, she was pretty tired it just kinda set it.
"It's a slumber party tradition! Or....so the movies and the one article I found online." Frowning as she tried to remember she wiggled back into her pants. "It usually invovles undergarments alot for some reason."
Well she wasn't saying she wanted them back, so Roza didn't return the undergarments.
"~Your research is bad.~
~Have you ever been to one?~
~Its so not a thing.~"
She gave Olmaka a sympathetic pat on the head.
Pixzie peaked back over at Olmaka and let out a sigh of relief that she was clothed again. She walked over to the couch and flopped down on it. How long has she been up again, she took a peak at the clock, a while.
"Oh? It's not?" She frowned a little, disappointed that it wasn't the case. If that was wrong, then what else had she been hoping for was also false?
  Looking up at Roza she looked on the verge of crying as she asked in a soft whisper, "T-The pizza delivery isn't also a lie is it?"
"~Just delivery?~
~I mean, Yeah that's real.~
~Anything more though...~"
She wasn't sure what this crazy girl had seen and might be thinking.
Pixzie at this point had fallen asleep, she was so tired. She was sat up on the couch snorning
Roza raised an eyebrow. She didn't think miss knife happy would take a nap with her right there. She was half tempted to grab a pillow or something and smack her with it, just because.
"~Well, I better go~
~Time is money and all that~
~I need more of both~"
She ruffled Olmaka's hair before turning to leave.
She was glad to hear that the pizza wasn't also a myth, but she did have the biggest pouty face on when Roza declared her departure. "Oh.....well we can do a sleepover again when it better fits your schedule?" She asked hopefully.
"~Why do you want that?~
~Are you trying to be friends?~
~Like for real friends?~"

  That complicated things. She barely knew this girl... but she already thought she was adorable. She seemed easily manipulated and innocent... and Roza wasn't sure she could really trust Pixzie.
  "~Alright alright fine~
~I'll guess stay for a sleep over~
~I'll buy the pizza~"

  Sigh, now she was being the easily manipulated one. Oh well she was alright with this for now.
Carrie was currently trying to get out from under her prison of Thumpitina's toosh. She made a screeching noise as she frequently does.
She looked puzzled at her question, in her mind she already thought they were friends. Was she the first person to be friends with her? That was SO sad! It made her want to tear back up.
  Though Roza's caving prevented that, instead inspiring a loud "UWWUUUUU!" of glee and a big rib creaking hug.
  "Uuuuuwwwuuuu! You're the best!" She bounced, still hugging on her.
Thumpitina gave a loud sigh as she looked down at the other Lusus she was sitting on. Not liking the screeching she put a big paw down ontop of their face to muffle their assault on her ears.
Roza scoffed at that and rolled her eyes.
"~Well of course I am~
~That was never in question~
~Lets get some pizza~"
She set her bag down and carefully ignored the lusi some more. She planed to snoop around Pixzie's hive while they waited for the pizza to get there. Not like she could do anything to stop her.
Carrie screamed again as the other Lusus tried to shut her up. She began hissing and wiggling as well.
Pixzie was now laying on the couch snoring still out cold.
"I never questioned it! Not once!" She agreed, looking about ready to pop. "What's your favorite pizza? I need an experts opinion." By now she let go so she could flit around.
Unable to handle the hissing Thumpitina got up off Carrie, pushing at them to make them roll onto their back.
"~Pizza is pizza~
~The more toppings the better~
~But anything goes~"
Roza shrugged, she wasn't super picky. Pizza was 'bad for her health' so she usually got fussed out by her elder if she ate it at the hive. The humans she hung around loved the stuff though and she'd had her fair share. But she like dit jsut about any way you could have it, she didn't really have a favorite.
Carrie licked Thumpinita and yawned.
To be Continued...

  {Few Hours Later}
  During the time that Pixzie was out like a light, Olmaka had plenty of time getting into mischief. She was very much looking forward to seeing her new friend's reaction to what she did to her place. Roza didn't understand very much what was very 'mischievous' about it, but she was convinced that it totally counted and she couldn't say otherwise!
  Olmaka was messing with her laptop that she brought with her, working on setting it up so they could watch the perfect slumber party movie playlist she found half an hour ago. Which was lucky for Roza when the pizza came, or she would've been a pest hovering around wanting a peek at them.
  Thumpitina was doing what she did best, curled up against the wall and taking a nap. She had given her one of the monster meat pieces as an apology for being gone so long.
  A Confused Soup — 02/13/2021 2:00 PM Roza had time to look around adn notice there was little to no food in the house. Either this girl had the same appetite and eating habits of Crz, or she was out of food. Either way if she was spending the night she'd want more here to eat. Or that's what she told herself anyway as she ordered three times the pizza, wings, and subs than they'd actually need for the three of them and the lusi. She didn't give a shit about Pixie, but Olmaka liked her music and that was special to her.


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