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Dunes 2} Pixzie and Olmaka

Pixzie played by Kiwi, Olmaka played by Ronwea
Pixzie snorted "humans are weird, but yeah no giant worms," she walked out into the desert with Olmaka looking out at the dunes. There was a whole lot of nothing exept for the sand of course
She looked a little disappointed as she followed, she had hoped to at least see one or get to ride one across the sands in a side saddle.   "Have you met with a human in person before?" She asked, suddenly switching topics. "Where are they usually found at?"
Pixzie looked at her and rasied an eyebrow "um like humans I take it," she snorted and stretched her arms in the air as she walked. "I've met a couple, uh they kinda just go where ever I guess,"
Unable to help herself, Olmaka reached over and gave a playful poke at Pixzie's exposed side. "What kind of monsters do you usually find out here? How do you defeat them? Is it with a chess match?"
She squeaked and swatted the hand away "Olmaka! hey!" she almost looked like a small animal that had been prodded with a stick. "I ususally find like barkbeast or Purrbeast ones that are huge, and I take them down with my knife," she pointed to the weapon
She giggled at her reaction to the poking, thinking it was cute how she almost looked like she was puffing up. Olmaka was half tempted to do it again to see if she'd try biting at her hand in retaliation. Looking at the knife she asked, "Is that what we're gonna be doing? Gonna be showing me how you work?"
"I could probobly hunt tonight, but I can't go anywhere till morning and my Lusus would just eat everything, maybe I could show you and just get as much of the meat as I can in the fridge." She sighed and rubbed her neck, "have some just to eat, but she'd just eat that too," Pixzie muttered and looked at her feet as she walked.
Frowning she tried to think of a solution to the problem, her lusus must be ravenous to never leave her any food.   Snapping her fingers she put a hand on her shoulder, "Since I'm here with you why don't you send me home with some? My Lusus doesn't steal my food so it'll be safe at my place! I don't eat monsters anyway so I won't be tempted to take a nibble."
She looked over at her, "You wouldn't mind me coming over in the middle of the day to grab that stuff?" She continued to walk but was now not paying attention to where she was going, insted her focus was on Olmaka.
"Not at all! I'd love to have someone pop in whenever they wanted!" She waved her arms above her head, emphasizing her enthusiasm. "You could even do it in the middle of the night! We'd have impromptu sleep overs! (๑òᆺó๑)" She grabbed her in a hug, "I always wanted to try prank calls with someone!"
Pixzie blinked and jumped a bit, obviously the hug stopped her from walking. She stood there for a couple of seconds before hugging her back. "Yeah, I guess that sounds nice....prank calls are fun though" She snorted
"You'll have to teach me all your best phone pranks! The only one I've seen is the jogging refrigerator and I have a feeling most people will know it easily." She giggled, then suddenly squealed in surprise and jumped up on Pixzie.
"AAAHHHHH WHATS THAT?!" She pointed.
Pixzie oofed and caught her, almost falling over in the process. She spun around still holding her fellow troll and cursed, "Aw shit" She dropped Olmaka and quickly pulled out her knife. She looked at the monster in front of them, it was a large beast looking like a mix between a dog and a bear. Thankfully the small girl knew what she was doing as she charged the monster attempting to jump on the beasts back.
"Oof!" She winced as her butt hit the ground. Luckily it didn't hurt, but it still was jarring having one's derriere start kissing sand. Shaking her head she looked up as Pixzie jumped up at the monster and gave a gasp as she landed on it.
She was calm cool and calculated, this beast was nothing for her as she normally takes down much bigger animals. The dogbear flipped out with her on it's back and when she started stabbing it, the beast let out a loud screech. it took her a good while but eventually she slayed the beast. She hopped off of it and panted, looking over at Olmaka, "you okay?"
She had an odd expression on her face as she looked at the dead body of the dogbear. Staring at it intently she looked quizzically at Pixzie. "When does the body disappear and the loot come out?"
Pixzie put her knife away and blinked "um....it doesn't, I mean I have to like skin it and then like pull the meat out." She chuckled "it doesn't just go poof'
This explanation didn't seem to clear it up for her, "Oh so you have to rip out it's seams first?" Getting up and brushing the sand off her butt she got closer over to it, squinting. "There's alot more steps to this than I originally thought."
She chuckled and shook her head again, "uuuhhh wanna help me drag it back?" She grabbed onto its leg "becuase we cant leave it out here or itll get eaten."
"Sure!" Clapping she took a ribbon out of Scarlett's little pocket and made a makeshift harness so she could wear the plush like a backpack.   Looking down she decided to grab one of it's front paws, giving it a highfive before doing so. "Do you normally have to drag it back home first?"
"Yeah, it's one of the reasons this takes so long and I dotn make a lot" she sighed starting to walk. She had a lot of strength in dragging the beast, she's been doing it for years.
Olmaka on the other hand had some noodle arms, it took most of her effort to keep up with Pixzie's pace. By the time they got back to the hive she flopped ontop of the beast's corpse, panting heavily.


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