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Luna Zentar

Played by Kiwi

Luna Zentar (a.k.a. moonlitTagger )

[/container] Luna tends to be a very chill and laid back person with not a whole lot of cares. She is an epic skater and loves graffiti and other things of skater nature. She tends to be very old school and likes a lot of older stuff. Ie: records, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, walkmans. She is a kind person and while she has few friends the ones she does have she loves with her heart. However when she injuries herself through a skateboarding misshape or any other way she becomes a different person. Since she can’t skate she shuts herself in her room and mopes. In this state, she is irritable and dejected. She can be kind of a jerk and make others around her upset even though that wasn’t her intention.
Extra bits:
what an enigma this women is. Her heart is bigger than twice her size and standing at 6'6 she is already huge. She is pretty good at expressing her affections twords others but she does have a sort of unique way of expressing herself at times. Truely in her heart she loves physical affection but she dosne't want to make other people uncomfortable. If you are close to her though often times it's the gentle pats on the shoulder or the nudges that really show she's your friend. If she seems to be uncomfortable touching someone it's probably because she's nervous or because she actually doesn't like you.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She grew up with her mother breathing down her neck about 100 different things. The two of them constantly butt heads because of their crazy differences. Luna was a free bird and her mother was strict and proper. Luna was always a rebel it came with her skaterness so she defied her mother in a number of ways whether it be drinking horrible energy drinks or vandalizing. Her mother tried to raise her and be supportive of Luna but she could only take so much. The last straw was Luna coming home drunk, and her mother kicked her out. Luna moved in with her bestgirlfriend Clem shortly afterward.



Accomplishments & Achievements

She is an epic skater and knows how to do a lot of tricks. She is also really good at setting broken bones. She also can sorta beat box. (she learned this for her wife)

Personality Characteristics


She wants to be a pro skater and win a bunch of cool shit. Next tony hawk baybe

Likes & Dislikes

skateboards, spray paint, tumblr, vines, meme culture, weed, monster, vinyls, weed, punk culture, scene culture,
broken bones, throwing up, getting up, being tired, nightmares,


Clem Bertram


Towards Luna Zentar


Luna Zentar


Towards Clem Bertram


Luna Zentar

Pre-scratch Dancestor

Towards Lucy Zentar


Lucy Zentar

Post-scratch Dancestor

Towards Luna Zentar


➠Sexual orientation
Pansexual Female prefrance
➠Signature colour
Purple (hex code #913fcc)
➠Typing style
She tends to type faster and not pay attention to grammar or punctuation when she’s high she frequently misspelles words but doesn’t care enough to correct them. She also uses a lot of meme culture things and says bullshit.
"thwe huic brown fux jumss over the lazy doh"
Her adoptive mother Lucy.
➠Original Planet
Thief of Breath


In Person





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